Tuesday, May 7, 2013

spring summer 2013 (orchid blooms) textile art pins

inspirations from just about anywhere, anything, that---stirs your heart and mind ;D
(snatch up these last remaining bunch of orchids of satin, and synthetic cloth from a fave supply shop because i'm meaning to transform them into  'artpins 0' orchids'--so you'll prance around in them wherever!)

 all hand-made, pieced, sewn. the very essence of--hand-made art.
(often when working on some new batch of works/collection, i am confused and always seeming to find the balance between: art/aesthetics vs. production/speed; sublimity vs. profit and the problem of pricing ;(.  

one thing th0'--i'm almost always apt to effacing the machine-made look finish.
clearly--hand-made-ism ;D.

 i have ranted and whined about the hand-stamped made by the rubber stamp maker somewhere in manila, and finally found a way in sprucing about the look of my label--just so because i am maximizing yet the use of this hand-stamp.

 ready. enjoy!

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