Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sleeping medusa bracelet

SOLD.  "sleeping medusa" bracelet. free size. made from a combo of reclaimed and new materials of jeans, rubber plastic, metals, industrial thread, metal beads,
wooden beads

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

simply documenting (to save my pretty a** from steff's wrath..someday or sooner)

dresses i have done, re-created most of the time, ( i am more of an artsist and not a seamstress--for i cannot construct clothes as efficient. i re-make and revamp artistically on the other hand, making use of what is already made,and created, at hand) for my nine year old child. i have to document many of it for the fact that someday---or well--just in case she confronts me on my bed, or rocking chair in my weak and olden years, accusing me of dressing her up with all of those hand-made clothes i did with my stern and demanding ways-- i will just bring her to this site, and gently--(ha!) that time, tell her: oh but you looked good and in fact very great in them. look-- your were happy and smiling, and even dance with joy when you wear some if your favourite ones.


hand-knitted green and white vest

 this pretty hand-knit vest is originally without that white flower laces below, by its hemline.
this was a serendipity in one of my favourite hang-outs. the selling point for me (as if this is soooo expensive)--is that, it is simply hand-knitted by someone else--whoever that is. thing is, most likely the very reason why this had been passed on, was that, the hem or the bottom part keeps on flipping inside out, like some fly away hair. not really very good to look at.

solution: sew on something by that bottom around, a lace is more fitting i think to pull that flipping out hemlines
down permanently. it did.


green earth knit dress

                    this knit dress/tunic is created i am sure for ladies, and not for kids :D. this style and its material abound in the places i visit when i do "research" and "sourcing out" trips. i cannot resist the price. i cannot go on living without taking this with me--simply for the price and the possibilities i could make out of this, for steff. yes remind me--always. :D

                   to veer away from its generic appeal, i cut its long sleeves, and made a pop out of it. an adjustable ribbon to be knotted on both side of the waist, was hand-sewn. and oh all was done and re-created by bare hands. as in needle and thread. not that i do not own a sewing machine. its just that i am more comfortable doing it manually


strawberry knit dress forever

 originally a knit top and a gartered knit skirt scored at a vintage haunt, this will have to be made as a dress. little girls as i see it are better in one whole dress, rather than in two piece as tops and  skirts. the one piece dress makes them move and breath freely. nothing to tuck, fix, in between their busyness of playing, and having fun.

the bottom part of the knitted top is attached to the gartered skirt by the waist. sewn by hand, twice over, and around.
 here is the finished dress. that strawberry image and the word, is originally knitted like the top. i didnt make it. i added however that lace below the fruit, and the wooden beads by the waist, and skirt.a ribbon to be tied on the back is all but hand-sewn again to take form and give the child's frame the perfect fit.

this headress is originally made intended for selling. but when you have a little girl who is able to detect quickly on what looks good on her, tried this one out and would never want to give it back.


harlequin skirt dress

originally bought as skirt intended for my textile art and experimentations. howbeit, i see it fitting for a dress. a child's sleeveless dress. the waistline is just 26 inches and who in the world would fit in that skirt!~ the pretty anorexic and bulimic ladies i guess.

i have turned it into dress by sewing on laces to tie as ribbon above its shoulder to be.
i took out the chord and placed it by the waistline as belt to get the child's form and fitting.
a hand-made huge bow is sewed on as embellishment and black tie is added to tie on the back for --effects. :D 


autumn fire dress

 this dress was in its worst condition when purchased. like, no buttons, sleeves are torn, some run issues occur on different parts of the cloth. 

in this part of the globe where fall occurs on summer time :D, leaves turn brown and orange to red, and yellows too indicating that summer heat is on, 
this type of cloth print design, and the locals immersed in their surroundings cannot much appreciate perhaps the beauty of fall, lest perhaps one see the occurence and its breath taking view in person.

witnessing the beauty of it in sedona az,fall time, some years ago was so impressing. even unforgettable. i even took home some maple leaves whilst walking, towards the viewing area at the grand canyon.
those leaves are still pressed in my album. i know nothing beats the vermont autumn view as i have seen it on some magazine pictures. but this one reminds me of that beauty at this time, hence letting steff wear this one at least til the season's end.

this dress by the way is all fixed now. hand-made rossettes are sewn instead of buttons permanently, and putting on a leaf on the middle of the waistline and sewing on hand-dyed sash to complement the dress hues, that can be tied on the back to fit.
the run issues are not that obvious actually.