Thursday, May 23, 2013


things happen ;( ;).  my wallet is sad; i;m happy tho'.
yesterday, i am supposed to buy an earphone for my handset, because i broke the old one.
you see, the 2a.m side jabs dead of the night when it is at its best--deathly quiet all around you ( if no one snores, yes..) often its impossible to last it, when there's nothing and no one's around you to cheer you up. i have no t.v--and i meant it  that way ;D, a radio, sound or music from your mobile is but of a big help, a cheerer a long the way to help you last the 2am doings.

no, i wasnt able to purchase the needed headset ;( because the store promptly closes--8 a.m, and i was enamored, sidetracked, and made the great detour mistake towards the supply shop--and there---i got lost. i got disoriented. i was  lame on my decision making, and i bought these instead.

i am now using my son's at the moment... and will post the outcome of the cause of the great detour yesterday, so00on.

pink and blue? why not? lovely marbled glass beads that i am so gaga with at the moment.

lime and marbled gray glass beads--happiness! ;D

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

custom headdress

custom requests are a great ways to challenge your ideas, and actual application of what you visualize and imagine through paper and pens. you dive and give in to --- the 'whines' and 'demands' of the customer/client/market--because they will pay you. i constantly find myself looking for the balance between 'fine art' 'art philisophy' 'marketing one's art' and many more...

as of now, to straddle between service, and getting paid with my production, cost accounting, art philosophy, is a means to finding an immediate solution to  meet some needs, while discovering and finding 'more' out there 'what' and 'that'-- will finally allow you one day, someday, the things that you love to do most, without having to think anymore of the 'basics'. sigh....

perks of being in the noble day job ;)

yes, one of the perks being in the world of instructing/educating is that you get to have an access to these what i call 'treasures' in the univ. library ;D. i hover this area once in every while to check the shelves with what's new. there are always lots and lots of new reads; and i often lament on the mounds of books to read that our fleeting life in this world will never match the needed time to stay longer to forever--just so to read 'em all ;(.

oh the joys of reading! rightly guided for choices can unlock excitement in the world of learning and wisdom, ' can even humble you down because the more you discover many things from its written pages, the more you realize, you know not a thing, and the need to-- hover more and longer, and bothers you henceforth. 

one of the agendas i have, in the 'world to come' -- would be just to sit and discover yet.

Monday, May 20, 2013

off for bkk

custom art pins/brooches off for bkk.
(about 2.75x3.5 inches. spot and or dry clean)


 visual musings...

 to invest in 'signature' 'brands' is something. 'cheap thrill' however  keeps the economy
afloat ;D. keep 'em well edited ;D

space saver. my transitory living and lifestyle impedes me to bring wherever the steel shelves i have ;(

  this doing keeps the economy afloat. scene in the noble day job. no, i am not always sewing; and that plastic pint container makes a very good tea cup as in CUP ;D. it nags me to 're-use'

Thursday, May 9, 2013

photo collage

today, i worked on a this simple foto collage (yeps--click that site for their easy to follow app) for the day's blog entry and i will use this to to promote and let everyone else know that----some of my "OOAK" pretties (one-of-a-kind) will be available in this shop, henceforth

drop by and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

spring summer 2013 (orchid blooms) textile art pins

inspirations from just about anywhere, anything, that---stirs your heart and mind ;D
(snatch up these last remaining bunch of orchids of satin, and synthetic cloth from a fave supply shop because i'm meaning to transform them into  'artpins 0' orchids'--so you'll prance around in them wherever!)

 all hand-made, pieced, sewn. the very essence of--hand-made art.
(often when working on some new batch of works/collection, i am confused and always seeming to find the balance between: art/aesthetics vs. production/speed; sublimity vs. profit and the problem of pricing ;(.  

one thing th0'--i'm almost always apt to effacing the machine-made look finish.
clearly--hand-made-ism ;D.

 i have ranted and whined about the hand-stamped made by the rubber stamp maker somewhere in manila, and finally found a way in sprucing about the look of my label--just so because i am maximizing yet the use of this hand-stamp.

 ready. enjoy!