Monday, July 30, 2012

some days in a seller's life

i  do instructing mainly in the field of visual arts and design in a university, and whenever, wherever i can, i'm an indie artist/seller. these doings are taxing and at times disappointing. but, there are times in one's life that experiencing further something that is more challenging, one that pushes the limits, doing something more other than the usual daily grind of work irrespective of remuneration; that if never heeded can be the cause of apprehension, unfulfillment, 'zombieness'...










 and here i am armed with the stuff i offer, on my way to the venue. and you know what's every seller's ultimate wish/hope/pray? a rave. a sell out. and, lots of returning buying enthusiasts ;D

 these bamboo usable artings/craftings aren't mine.
it's the seller's opposite my table. he has wonderful creations;
i bought one of his bamboo dress hangers and his amazing coin purse,

 and there he is. a very quiet artisan, not letting a single moment pass without creating another piece while he waits for another and or group of buying peeps. i missed taking his calling card--he is that busy;(. anyway i'm bound to meet this quiet artisan again in one of the selling/art fairs event soon i'm sure ;D
 here's my loot. the hanger is a wonderful props to begin with, and a very usable one in many of my product shoots

 and this-- is now my current coin purse--its just so unique!
never miss the chance to purchase something created by an artist/artisan whenever you are in an art selling/event/fair, the 'pulse' as they say of the artist/artisan,
varies upon their every single creation; it is because-- the nature of what is called 'hand-made'
(the bamboo purse by a fellow kindred ;D)

 usually, every after selling event, we are so hungry and thirsty!
to all those who came , dropped by, and bought---many thank yous! see you all again sooon! ;D

you see, artists/artisans/ sellers do take time to appreciate and boost fellow's works and buy--yeah--buy! hohoho (inset: is a hand-made hand bag from discarded newpapers--mightyly glued and pieced together. a conversational piece--whenever/wherever i use this ;D its from maryka of laia php300-350)
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you can view of some more of gorgeous bought goodies by yours truly, on series of art fairs and events;D HERE


  foto credits: ms. nikki abs
                ms. sinag de leon
                ms. shanda angel