Sunday, May 30, 2010

new! bridal cuffs----handmade with love

these are my new bridal cuffs! embellished with opaque whites and off whites trimmings and laces. 

combo of new and vintage materials. all hand-made with love. 

soft white and off-white textiles, laces, sparkles, luminous, traces of romanticism, creates a perfect adornment on that very special day of yours. 

                        my wings of love rests on your bosom forevermore wide wrist cuff                

Floating on the wings of love through space and time 
brings forth a new bonding of beauty within both our
                            souls to share life together with the joys and pleasant 
                            sounds that love sings to us with melodies of charm.
-robert charmberlin


my wings of love rests on your bosom forevermore slim wrist cuff   

 mine wings shall softly flutter 
round about only, in the garden of you.

-ann g.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the aup store in the spirit of 3 Rs

the university store on its conscious effort to: reduce, recylce, and  re-use.

    the university store

     as a maker and, re-maker of various artsy things, surely these have not escaped my eyes. yet, i'm baffled if such is a curse or a blessing--tell me, will you?

         here's some make over on these recyclable net grocer's bag. but first, the critique/critic :-) on why it needs some make-over:
    1. the handle. man! it hurts when so many things are already placed inside the handle will scrimp into like a thin sharp edged nylon strings, that your hands hurt whilst carrying it.
     2. sturdy, down to earth-humble-marginal-artsy-ecoist style and effect,that is so appreciating---your momma's, aunt's, and granny's disgustingly generic market bag, can now be a style and fashion statement.

     3. er--- i thought i could make money on this plan and endeavor, but nay! alas! time, love, soul, and effort poured on each piece is way below its price 
(thanks to my service-oriented consciousness aawwwww..and in times like these...) 

     4. its for sale!!!  here

and oh, there are some primitive artful technology infused:
     - net bags are doubled. so it is stylishly heavy duty.
     - industrial threads are used, sewn twice over.
     - small pocket with discreet hooks inside--for iphones--yeh!
     - steampunk lock--awwww...
     - the huge outside pockets are the "ART" here. the thing that'll make it, and
       the bag hags unforgettably artsy and eco-chic.
     - about 13 W x 15 L inches.

                  the phily love eco net bag


                                                    the panda family net bag



my lake isle of innisfree


i will arise and go now, go to my innisfree
and there i can do all my "sewing" art. *lol*
i have got a well stock of supplies
and no one can ever bother me there
yes, not anyone.

it is peaceful there.
i can realize all my thousands of stalled
ideas, and outputs.

i'll post it when they're done,
for they are meant to excite the visual senses of the disinterested,
the minds of the thinking bohemians, the marginals, and the
paupers with poise.

after all, we are virtually related,
and mind you, even the social being marginals which loveth
words, ideas, camaraderie,er-- style and art, are connected.
and, sometimes think cant live anymore without the net...
or so we thought (?)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

sublime stitcher'smushroom emblem

this is a salvaged piece from a vintge cloth i have hoarded -smiles-.
as soon as i realized that it is a hand sitched piece, i immediately saved it and planned
to make something out of it--to be worn, seen, and appreciate the hand-embroidered
work. it is also intended to be a --sublime stitcher's mushroom emblem---.

a symbol for passion on working with needle and thread. the mushroom? its accidental--the shape
turned out to be like one, nonetheless, a favourite of mine.the 2 bone-finished wooden beads are
placed beside the vintage wooden thread holder, for added visual interest.a pin is sewn on the
back for multi-purpose you go...

Friday, May 14, 2010

statement art pieces, done.

"the breath of one's soul" about 3x5.5(longest) inches
tier-21 inches L
mixed media art

"the heart that rejoiceth" 4x5 (the widest) inches
tier-21 inches L
mixed media art

Thursday, May 13, 2010

for the visual serenade site

 finally these two planned pieces that was sitting inside the box of my to do next project, for two years is soon to be done. they are intended for the visual serenade site.

each has beautiful visual statements. done in between the Lara Evadne 'Oauie' De Sagun Batulayan or the Oui Inspiration artwares for some breather *smiles*and it was challenging and fun indeed.all went smoothly and Oauie herself was fun and a great poser before the cams. doing and creating a collection can be so challenging--the time, effort and finances. werent it for the love and passion and friends' and students' cooperativeness, it wouldnt come out as presentable as it is.

in between, there are sudden ideas, that props up that needs to be done immediately before the excitement, the idea and zests wanes out.

i am loving the result of these two long ago shelved projects, i have made as neck piece, scapular, and as a wall jewel if not in use. hand-painted, hand-sewn, embroidered and quilted.

i will publish the final result hopefully tomorrow!