Thursday, June 24, 2010

the making of " white widow " art brooch/pin

i have this small panel of very pretty textured,
 lilac color  first,i was after only its almost like  paisely designs,
and its other cute tiny swirls and curves. but as i noticed after some few days of looking over it again, i saw a spider's leg, i tried counting if its eight--and yes, its eight. giving it a closer look again, i saw then the body and its eyes... i overlooked this pretty lonely spider here on her web!
the goes these sparks again in my head, and before it simmers down--i went on cutting it out and proceeded with the new idea for it, setting aside the two brooches i was currently working on.en route,or impulse, or spur of the moment... i don't know.
all i know that time, was to get done with the idea quick or it would be stalled again, and would be soon forgotten.

well, here's what it turned out. i named it "white widow" brooch/pin.

the visible hand-stitches will always be part of my work and art. it is what i call, the soul and the art of it.