Wednesday, August 22, 2012

sometimes i sew like crazy

i'm supposed to (start and--hehe) finish my papers (grad school effect) this past lo0oong weekend (ramadan)--but i had these workings instead, finished to the last detail...





Wednesday, August 8, 2012

 i marvel at photos as this when people are not so much affected by their physical background. its like, let alone the 'beautiful' mess ;D
(she is miss sartoria, a featured seller on etsy in her studio/shop)

here, i tried to have mine taken-haha! but iguess this is the funny version--the above artist in her beautifully messed-up studio looks more dignified than me in mine haha. i dress hag style over and around my messy work area

and here, while i take a rest from all the studio process and work and laundry and dishes and feeding the ones that which came from my womb ;D