Thursday, November 13, 2008

atoC pendant and necklace (d.i.y)

found objects and embellishments.

i always find it a challenge to make something out these found objects and embellishments lying around somewhere. though its already becoming a nasty habit to collect and save things that are almost insignificant(it seems) and spend some time trying to think on what to do with it.

here,s one example: this round silver metal encrusted with pink enamel, reminds me of the celt's favourite round and circular designs and forms on their art. and the more that it made me pick it up
and start to imagine and tried to work on it as a pendant and necklace. the pink silk chord is a discarded ribbon from an old stained dress, that i think will perfectly serve as a necklace to this found round metal. i sewed it carefully using embroidery thread that of course matches the silk on both two separate ends to form necklace. its going to be tied at the back when worn, so no need for clasp to hold it together. for final effect, there's this thin as foil, but sturdy little luminous pink butterfly that i attached using a small jump ring.

and its there, ready. an
art, thrift, and some oddness, because of some imperfections on the silk, that gives it a Character--aint that an a + t + 0 = C?
(thats steffi girl, my model, and my girl.thanks steff.)