Thursday, December 30, 2010

31. as complement to any of your blued/tie dies (still on with 1001 ways to do with my art pins :D)

the " distressed and blued- gray rose" art pin/brooch in foto detail about 4.5 inches in diameter and 5.5 in L.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

new! collars, neckpieces



model : olive ann cruz
photos: merly regencia 
location: adventist university of the philippines, silang cavite

Sunday, December 5, 2010

the good feeling of commissioning other artisan

i have commissioned a lady recently, who is on parole after being imprisoned  in a local women's correctional for five years. the reason? i don't know. shy of asking her.

she is now in the process of rebuilding her life. picking up the pieces from where she has left them.
to sustain her children and self of their immediate needs, she tells me, she has learned to crochet so well while inside the prison. she is now selling her works and accepting commissioned pieces, customs.

she isnt selling me anything, just showed me a sample. i guess she always carries it  with her just in case. looking at the piece of her work, i asked if she sells it, and answered immediately, yes. i bought the sample, and asked her to make 4 more pieces with measurements and some other details.

i have done a bib neckpiece/cover up before with my quilted art pin/brooch turned as pendant. it's sold months and months ago. i wasnt able to produce a similar one because i do not do crochets. frustrated with the ready-made crochets in the malls because of its expensive price. to buy them and pin my pins on them will give the piece a too  much over-head cost.

SOLD. "the oui cameo bib" neckpiece

i try to be always on the low-maintenance mode, and i understand well the people who are always calculating and are on budget.
her prices are quite friendly, and wanting to encourage and help her in my own little way as she rebuilds her life, hence i commissioned her to do some pieces for me.i hope these goes well,
so every once in a while i can be one of her co-worker. 

                                            here are the fresh new ones. multi function, multi purpose.
                                         they can be as: collar, cover-ups, necklace/bib, this two-piece
                                         wearable art can be independent of each other. a art/pin brooch,
                                         and a bandana/head dress, head band or collar or bib sans the art pin.


                                   it has a tier for adjustment for any length and style. necklace bib or
                                   or choker style. soon to be listed. however if you'd like the limited
                                   one-of-a-kind art/pin brooch pendant that goes with it, just message me.

                               i am still in the process of creating the pendant/art pin/brooch for the
                                alluring black and white pieces--yes just above the coloured ones.  


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

on with the generics or is it fake?

 yeps. at it again :D.
found along the sidewalk streets is this generic or call it fake crocs wedge rubber slides. 
oh but dont condemn us, for we'll buy the original ones--once we got the money. call it situational. living below our means, after all, we are never so often delayed with our bills. we are responsible babes over those matter.

to counter the million times over edition and replicas of this thingie~
here's the best way i could think of not to look overly generic, and not get flustered when bumping into someone soon with the same slides.