Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

the second on little girl's basic needs in life :D

i make and re-make lots of things yet many times i am neglectful of finishing with what i started(just one of the many)of steffi's basic decent clothing needs :(

however, this time i am so glad that inspite of those thousand of things to be done and get over with at work,  i did and was able finish this, well--in between.

from an almost 1 1/2 --uuggghh years of just staring at it, re-working the plan, and just one of the many shelved and forgotten projects to finish, its here-- and finally done. 

she dances with joy when she's in it. i am happy too with the result:

here, let me tell you a bit of this---all-hand made, hand sewn--as in needle and thread clothing. if you notice that apron like scarf, it is actually a long up-cycled scarf that has been scored at a local vintage haunt where i am always at for some retail therapy and euphoric shots. 

its cut into half then sewn over the new ready made dress i bought from a man who peddles his wares whilst walking with all of his merchandise hanging over his hands, shoulders and arm to save rent on stalls.
it cost me php 50.00 (about a dollar and twenty cents u.s) and i call it serendipity. laces and wooden beads are then hand-sewn all over as embellishments
to add interesting effects especially on that spaghetti straps to make more coverings for her shoulders, ribbon tie effect is repeated on both sides of the waist for "bohemian" symmetry.