Thursday, January 28, 2010



nope, too bad...'not been able to finish all of those
planned bibs/neckpieces this week.

i however, had been able to talk to some campus lookers 
about my grand plan. schedules, set ups...
i'm overwhelmed. some more seemingly a problem would be the schedule.
theirs and mine.darn. 
seems that, at times im free, they wont be.
conversely, they're off, and i'm out there on my day job.
must really have to work it out this weekend or at least before
wednesday next week. pretty excited too with the result of some few pieces that i was able to produce
in between---mothering (ohhh???yeah. haha..) as in, wash clothes, help the 13 and an almost 9 year old
guy and gal--my kids prepare for school, keep things in order, errands, bills,etsy,blog--haha..and oh--those long delayed 
papers and plates to be graded and recorded, and keep promising the class that all the submitted works
will be returned...soon. and it'll be like 5 weeks more to go before the semester ends.dang.
some piled readings, books to be read...some unfinished diy's...
i wish i can clone meself. i'll let my clone do the sweat stuff... the pleasurable ones, mine :-)

express yourselves this weekend! all ye! be good.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

have i gone too far? or this is exactly "thinkin' outside the box"

Thinking outside the box

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thinking outside the box is to think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective. This phrase often refers to novel, creative and smart thinking.

   oh well, i have made this exactly for what it is--a bib, or a neck piece, a statement. it felt funny and awkward really, wearing this for a photo shoot because of its hugeness. no. no ordinary, usual folk would ever imagine wearing this on mundane days. save for those whose thinking are a bit awkward too, and those which find beauty on things that are awkward. however i created this for exploration while this surge for the statement neckpiece known as the "bib" is the flavour of the season in the world of style.

in season or out of season nonetheless, i am fascinated with all kinds of neckpieces especially the indie, hand-made ones. and for more explorations on these, i have created few more pieces. i will post them here, one by one and will have to talk the youthful campus looker gals to model the wares for me, "pro-bono" like "free". it is difficult to talk to someone to model your wares for free. you must have something to make them say--yes. like, there has to be some kind of an exchange deal. monetary is definitely excluded because these indie wares transcends the laws of economics. i.e, they dont do good for a living...then why still do such? it's for expression dears. for art's sake. and if ever they sell, it's just but a plus.

oh i know what you're thinking. grades. yes, i mean no. haha... in a sense yes. but technically it's not.

i hope to be able to do them all at once before this week ends, for a change. and forgive me, if you see my face every now and then posing and modeling my indie wares----its  just that--many times it is more of a hassle to ask someone to model for you--than by doing it yourself.

you have some great working days ahead!



if by any chance the quirks, fashionistas with out of the box taste suddenly ran out of guts to let this  more so a literal bib to hang on her/his neck
as an adornment, one can hang this handsome narcissus bunny 
by the wall :-).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sympathy and a prayer for comfort

blogs are also a podium for expressing feelings of sympathy for human 
tragic experience such as what happened recently to our fellowmen in haiti.
 i could only whisper a 
prayer as i see and read on papers and photoessays about what happened.

i tried to look for the activities on what my church are doing to help.
since collective funds from us members are channeled to an office that sees 
fellow human beings experiencing such calamities:

Adventist relief team entering Haiti today with medical, emergency supplies

ADRA, Inter-America coordinate efforts to aid Port-au-Prince

Earthquake survivors in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince survey the damage after a 7.0 - magnitude earthquake leveled much of the city Tuesday evening. Red Cross initial estimates put the death toll at around 50,000, while the Haitian government said they estimated around 500,000. [photo: AP]

A team of Seventh-day Adventist Church relief workers is on its way to the Dominican Republic border and is expected to cross into Haiti later today.
The first wave of assistance brings medical supplies and emergency goods to the country after a 7.0 - magnitude earthquake left the nation's capital of Port-au-Prince in ruins Tuesday evening. Tens of thousands are thought to be dead.
The team, consisting of Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) workers, medical personnel from partner organization Global Medic and Inter-American church leaders, will deliver supplies, pass out water purification tablets and set up emergency care clinics.
The team will also assess the situation for the next round of relief work, which ADRA has pledged in the amount of $1 million.
ADRA President Charles Sandefur said the organization is fully committed to providing quick solutions to the urgent need in Haiti.
"We will continue to do everything possible to alleviate the suffering of those affected in this incredible tragedy," Sandefur said.
Four mobile clinics set up by ADRA and Global Medic will aid up to 1,000 patients each per day, and the water treatment supplies will provide safe drinking water for up to 90,000 people per day.
The staff will also distribute vitamins, pain medicine and antibiotics donated to ADRA by Heart to Heart International.
Wally Amundson, director for ADRA in Inter-America, acknowledged that providing sufficient aid right now is a challenge.
"With the lack of communication in Haiti, we don't know how much is available locally or how much we would need to draw on from the Dominican Republic, which is a potential source of supply line and hub for the relief effort," Amundson said via satellite phone.
Inter-American church leaders on the team will coordinate trauma counseling with the help of disaster response experts. The Inter-American workers also hope to gather more facts about church members in Port-au-Prince.
So far, church leadership reports that thousands of Haitian church members are still missing, while one local pastor has been reported dead. There were 100,000 Adventists living in Port-au-Prince before the earthquake.
Structural loss to church property currently includes damage to two of the city's largest churches, the university and hospital. The university is currently using campus grounds as a refuge for hundreds of displaced persons and hospital staff has resumed medical operations outdoors.
For more information, visit and
Reporting by Nadia McGill, Libna Stevens

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the phantom ghost pin brooch art

quilted, binded, appliqued, sewn,
modeled, loved, blogged.

one-of-a-kind forever. hand-made by me and not in china.
and it's for sale!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ahhhhh photography...

'tis such a tremendous time really to be alive. the generic cams and other mechanisms that we have today now allows you to take pictures 'til you drop on anything that fancies your eyes. and as an art instructor, just put an art to it i may recap, to make it appealing, and well--interesting. these pictures are taken using my new--
GE(General Electric. nope, not a ref, nor iron..but a digi cam) A730 7.0megapixel about a $100.00 on plastic card.

and my jaw drops when i see my art students armed with their power dslr cams in matching zoom lens,and other where-the h**l-didja-get-that-n-the-moolah paraphernalias. nikon, canon, olympus, well mine's a G.E period.

i had the chance to survey up-close this interesting half mini-amphitheater within the university where i work. finished about 2-3 years ago, i just pass by it at a glance, everyday.
i pitched in for an absent colleague and handled her 5 hr. drawing class, thus 
giving me enough time to appreciate and capture these wonderful, early morning scenes.

some few things that really caught my attention on the details of this structure
that left me with such a wonderment:

-there are clean,tidy,dressing room compartments with 2 huge mirrors, light bulbs around it, on the left and right wing.
-at the center inside the dressing room, is a tree encased by a wall cement.
 with enough space, to let it breathe, and let her branches and leaves
 spread high and proud towards the balcony.
 the architect never cut the tree! they preserved it, and let it adorn the  
 stage instead. 
-the side walls by the stage exhibits the relief images, depicting
 popular images that represents philippine culture and arts
-if you sit on one of those cemented benches, you see and feel the beauty of the
 trees that surrounds you.
-lights of varying colours are ready for evening performances
-a balcony is ready for any re-enactments ala "romeo and juliet"
-the amazing strength of the university's alumnae associations evident on the benches inscripted with,"donated by".
-and, the two lovely qoutes pegged on the trees

          shine on !

style (if there be any) in the "Lane Frugal"

this amazing top of black and white was mine before.'worn it a few times. amazing because i realized that this actually is generic in size. like it fits an 8 year old girl but turns into a dress,and to a 45 year old woman as a top.

steffi asked if she can have this top. and i said yes but, first let me do something with it so it would be more fitting for  your age.

and here it goes...

                                                                                                    what do you think?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

new listings!

these are the recent listings on: annquirky

go peek! happy new year!!!