Thursday, January 27, 2011

taking a cue

as annabelle tore the seams of her dress, mollie pulled the chair from the wall and sat, crossing her legs. she struck a matchstick in her mouth and leaned back, so the front chair legs lifted from the floor. this was right; this was like it always was, annabelle making pretty thigs and mollie sitting and watching. the light from the candle spread in a golden cirlce.

annabelle glanced from her work. "tell me about your world"
"my world?"
"your world without me"
"oh, i became a protestant. go to church everyday. bought horse and carriage to tour the park" mollie shook her head in mock sadness.
"being rich is so boring, really."

"the day i see you in church, mollie flynn, is the day i'll dance naked at lefty's and give all the money thrown at me to charity. ow. haven't done any sewing in a while."
annabelle shook her thumb, then, sucked the blood from the tip.

a 70% off from the shoe store. brand new howbeit, no gartered ends to hold the straps. the salesgirl
wondered and asked me twice--are you really buying this? i said, why, are you selling it? the straps are broken, i shot back. 

it does feel like immersing into the lives of annabelle and mollie when after you have paid all the bills. rent. water. electricity. potaotes. and since this time, the setting is 21st century, information (technology) age,----tuition fees.

being sooooooo00000 responsible singlehandedly, feels surely like this:
(not bitter---just feels like-------- c-r-e-a-t-i-v-e. and when the going gets tough, live creatively, and say "hi!" to everyone. :D)


Monday, January 3, 2011

new works!

                   and  soon to be listed on etsy!queries i'm a message away :D