Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i screams!

i'm almost done wih the ice screams, popsies art pin collections. they will all be sold at a bubble tea shop somewhere out here--close to where i;m planted ;D.

i'm fixing few more things so i'll be opening my etsy online shop again! ;D--s000nish.


and then, i have recently created few more wrist cuffs. some have statement 'words' on them. they are usually measured: L-6.75-7.75 inches, W- from 2-3.5 inches.
i have done them mostly with multiple adjustments. they are hand-washable, just always dry them quickly. they are all hand-made. hand-piece, stitched  with love!  ;D

no, you cant have enough of any of those ;D

(l-r: hand-made wrist cuffs, peanut/egg kisses, iced lemon tea, and tuna chili ;D)

Monday, April 29, 2013

hey! ;D storage system yey!

 i live in a rented space just a stone's throw away from the place where i work. living and having an art/work studio in a place where you know you will not stay long, to keep from building things up, materials + hoards is a challenge to  self-control on impulse hoardings and maintain the goal of avoiding accumulations, and huge problems when moving out--say--anytime soon.

i have no problem with kitchen utensils, pots and cauldrons, tvs, refs, and microwaves and whatever ovens that is... i am so primitive on those areas. i have only with me the basics for cooking to nourish me and my children. ;D. no i don't invite friends nor entertain in my place--save the closest ones in my life. since most of the place i stayed where never meant for entertaining nor receiving guests.

my big, huge, ginormous problem mostly are the build-ups i constantly make on: books, clothing, textiles, small but many many bitsy-itsy theeengs--all for the 'art' i am gaga with these days--'after the noble day job'. and so, stumbling upon this site, and seeing these particularly---i died with joy ;D.

 this is exciting! and a so great idea that will solve my big, huge, ginormous problem on storage system that should be: affordable, a DIY, less problem on huge things upon moving out. true to my marginal living, lifestyle---not forgetting 'grace','poise' ;D

----awwww--even sturdy, strong corrugated boxes will do--i think ;D

these will all do for my itsy-bitsy-tineee-thheeengs stored in the many many jars i have amassed

these made my day. and to give credit to where credit is due---here's the  link from where i saw these. go see! enjoy!

Friday, April 12, 2013

new wrist cuff and hand-stitches are all over ;D

its been a while since i made some wrist cuffs. i've made some new ones few days ago and this is the --one of them ;D

i've been wanting to re-open my etsy shop...
months ago...
and i know its all

up to me.

(6.75-7.75 inches wrist cuff made from new and reclaimed materials. with multiple adjustments! dry and or spot clean/hand-wash only. but hey my medium is textile. i love textiles--and as a lover of them all, i also love washing textiles to keep clean and yes always clean. i try my best to keep all my works in hand'washable' condition,lest stated otherwise-dry and or spot clean only. this one however, is washable too--just dry it quickly ;D) enjoy!

to have a marvelous weekend is  all
'up to you' ! ;D

Friday, April 5, 2013

summer black forest moist and i scream for ice cream

 ok, here's what happens when those ice creams are made as an embellishment to the pins i make ;D.
'never expected the velour cloth and other embellishments would contribute to help turn out like an almost real black forest moist cake. sometimes i'm thinking: 'to sell or not to sell". 
it can be as good as framing it--making it a two-dimensional art form,---fitting for  a nook in the dinning area, of a home, cafes, or coffee shop.

have a lovely black forest weekend and top it with ice cream! sinfully summer ;(
and hey---the summer is well nigh--on this part of the globe ;D

Thursday, April 4, 2013

summer is well nigh

and i scream for ice creamsssssssssssss!!!!

a whole lot of new elements to work with for the new summer art pins!


so many books and then life is short