Saturday, October 23, 2010

d.i.ys i love

some things are really not meant to sell.
this is an expired listing at the etsy. i never renewed it because i liked it a lot.
i have many cuffs already, and decided to rev up this little granny's leather bag using this pretty one.
i called it granny's bag--because i saw many grand mommas in their super golden years
carry similar to this style.
as usual a serendipity from a vintage shop.

i am never used to with these small purses because of things, many things that i carry everyday, including going to church.
but living within the area in close proximity to your work place, church, etc.
going to church specially with a huge bag---looks awkward and sometimes funny.
these are the times that i have appreciated small purses for church the most.

the cuff is simply sewn over the side with the most scratch and dents.
if you are to do your own reving-up,fancy jewelries that gather dusts around your table and dresser,
can be used as well.