Monday, May 25, 2009

engrish your own!

indeed an amazing time to
be! go ahead---
engrish your own!

laugh away your monday blues :-)))))))

Friday, May 22, 2009

oh such an amazing time and place to be where---

you can "english" your own
model your own
blog your own
upload your own
post your own
(in your own phase and time)

open up and let the world see ya, hear ya
just like the stars...
only, there is the missing link of drawing the crowd
to your site, and that is the $65,000.00 question...

and boom! youre instantly popular! even just for
a 15 second-fame ha! ha!

have a lovely weekend!

inspirations at the moment for the next act of painting and quilting

the left image---is from my favourite artist edward munch's "death and love"(dryp0int etching)

right image--is my thumbnail sketch of a philly love

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

an oxymoron "victorianimation", an e-concious picachu hemp neckpieces, and cant get enough of picachu! quilt wall hang

yes i called
this -- the victorianimation neckpiece, choker, and a warmer.this is an upcycled neckpiece from a collar of a velvet type of top.originally it has a victorian flair, rich teal blue colour and cotton lace on top.i added this found cute and famous anime pocket monster characeter--picachu. a combination of machine embroidered and hand-embroidered (yes, the hand one, i did).and attached,sewing it by hand of course.

this is an eco-friendly hemp (made of dried grass-from the tropics. it is durable) neck-piece. and picachu goes e-concious!

and, cant get enough of picachu quilt wall hang
all available at:

Monday, May 4, 2009

one of the many consequences for loving "art" (including the great chance of starving)

this what i mean when i said---im all lagging behind my work. my pay, frozen.withheld. because i never submitted this---gradesheeeeets on time. because i started this "fabulous meeooow" simultaneaous with the "visual ode to joyce kilmer's--trees, and the tree huggers"(it comes with a pair, havent started it yet--but the grand plan is swimming in my mind)

i am an instructor(in art,the visual). been one for some years now. i need feel to alive. and must actually produce art to express, to have an outlet for these creative overflow of thoughts/ideas in my mind. -- else i die.