Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lookbook.nu--tuesday early morning class

1.lime checked blouse-flea find $1.00
2.brooch pin style-korean store $.20
3.bag- from an estate sale $2.00 and then, remade by me and not in china 
4.watch-by swatch (the real thing, baby. price upon request)
5.cupnoodles-the hit thing here, on this part of the globe.about $.40. the nissins cup noodles-spicy chicken-for-the-hard-worker-and-no-time-in- you
6.over-used faded sweat pants-vintage find
(oh, whats the difference from flea find? estate sale? no differene virginia, its one and the same, a.k.a thrift shop find)$1.00
7.silver ring (spoof) given by steffi, the one that goes with the kid's candies $.01
8.shoes-another $3.00 spoof gladiator plastic lime sandals, tho by rusty lopez--a local brand, but has outsource in china. so its made in china again you can bet your life! seriously, no hard feelings anymore on the made in china dot com. for it made us the marginally challenged sustain our strokes 'n style to some degree. its just that there are some points in my life that i sadly miss the made in my country tags on the stuff i buy.old local brands--
homegrown ones and to your shock-it is made somewhere.globalism it is.everyone's in it and is affected.it has its advantage and disadvantages. and i'll wallow in both!

9.smile- $priceless 

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Monday, August 24, 2009

works that are included in the exhibit--fantasmagoria

1. mermaid on crescent moon
(11x13 inches)
mixed media fiber art

2. penguin family
mixed media fiber art

3. flower tank
mixed media fiber art

4. skull and orchid
mixed media fiber art

mixed media fiber art

i use lots of discarded fabrics on my works.textures and colours interests me so much. the combination of painting and quilting and appliquing
on most of my works are forms that which helps me relax and de-stress, and shut self to oblivion, and be revived again upon seeing the works
almost finished, and eventually done.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

45 today.

todays marks another year of my being well into 40s.
i am forty-five today.
so many things has changed.
physically: crows feet on eye area sets in and are visible much when i smile, double chin from i cant explain where it came from (haha)hangs well, and the insistent thickening of waist and back,
the stubborn bulge on my tummy that i battle with for many many years now.
on taste for food:
i suspect some people who are well in their 40s are experiencing something in their mouth and saliva--that makes them go for the great hunt to satisfy some cravings.
lifestyle, views, philosophy, what i value the most, altered. 
i am further at refining many more parts and aspects in my ways and system in dealing with things,happenstance, and decisions,i very wish my character and temperament issues tops the process; but the responsibilities that i have to face and carry at some haul impedes (it seems) my progress.
well, at this point finer or unrefined will have to be -- just fine.
as long as my kids are healthy and in school,
i have a boss that is not from the pit of the hell,
my life is more manageable now in many ways,
i know the basics of adobe cs3 photoshop
you are a friend to the students,
some heartaches tho from the past worms in to my emotions, conciousness once in the while
and i can just say--muck it! muck them!
i laugh now with whole lotsa confidence
and continues to be a jesus freak.
i can add to the noise in the blogosphere--for free, but with a price one day--whatever that is...
i am are responsible.
and somehow finally, things make sense now...
happy birthday to me!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

new works...

recently done.
embellishments are all sewn by hand
as in needle and thread. my middle finger on right
hand is still sore. so they're made with love ;-)

price, details are on: annquirky.etsy.com

Sunday, August 16, 2009

low maintenance and grace

another yet 
$2.00 plastic flat sandals made in china you bet
on a mundane thursday

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

self portrait--thursday that was

a tartan tunic
with a 5 year old knit pants
$2.00 plastic flats
(made in p.r.o.c you can bet your life)
at the art park
while having
the still life class
a five hour drawing lab class

brooklynism paperback
whipped canned fruits cherry on top
black coffee
specs that many 40 y.0 plus people cant do without
a gadget to connect you to the blogosphere

and you're ok.
(for the time being)

Monday, August 10, 2009

tuesdays and thursdays

are my favourite days in the week this semester. 
because drawing lab classes (5 hour class)are being held at the art park!
your agendas can be done here while you monitor your class, and get to be at one with nature. (you can actually add that to the millions of perks in this instructing career)sigh... i mean,yay!

you can paint away your 3 remaining hours (since the other 2 are for lecture and demos..awwww!) and so you won't get stuck with the talks -- you walk your talks.

a work here in progress as part of the upcoming group exhibition with the senior students: Fantasmagoria. details to follow.

(mark isaac williams skull drawing with orchid--the inspiration for that mixed media art above. a skull found by an anthropologist in the 1800s and an orchid grew from the inside )

ahhhh brooklyn...

we'll be together one day...
(even if it takes a heist)
poor i may be...
dreams i have.
(it's free. silly.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

tying a yellow ribbon!

many pinoy boomers like me will never forget that edsa people power revolt. (even tho' i am not exactly a very huge fan of the clan)
and the icon for that--has passed away(august 1, 2009). felt some pangs of sadness when several local airwaves played the anthem for that unforgettable day(s). and the whole sunday, every two hours there were two fm stations that played it on air simultaneously. reliving the edsa memories through the lyrics, beautiful melody and the moving voices behind that song by the local entertainers and singers--i googled for (yeah the power of google...and the photos above)its title and the lyrics, the composer, here it is:
handog ng pilipino sa mundo
'Di na 'ko papayag mawala ka muli.
'Di na 'ko papayag na muli mabawi,
Ating kalayaan kay tagal natin mithi.
'Di na papayagang mabawi muli.

Magkakapit-bisig libo-libong tao.
Kay sarap palang maging Pilipino.
Sama-sama iisa ang adhikain.
Kelan man 'di na paalipin.

Handog ng Pilipino sa mundo,
Mapayapang paraang pagbabago.
Katotohanan, kalayaan, katarungan
Ay kayang makamit na walang dahas.
Basta't magkaisa tayong lahat.

Masdan ang nagaganap sa aming bayan.
Nagkasama ng mahirap at mayaman.
Kapit-bisig madre, pari, at sundalo.
Naging Langit itong bahagi ng mundo.

Huwag muling payagang umiral ang dilim.
Tinig ng bawat tao'y bigyan ng pansin.
Magkakapatid lahat sa Panginoon.
Ito'y lagi nating tatandaan.
(repeat refrain two times)

Mapayapang paraang pagbabago.
Katotohanan, kalayaan, katarungan.
Ay kayang makamit na walang dahas.
Basta't magkaisa tayong lahat!

paying my last respect to the late former president corazon cojuangco aquino.
she will be finally laid to rest tomorrow at the manila memorial park, paranaque city. no classes, nationwide.
there are already hundreds of yellow ribbons along the paranaque roads since yesterday, and i too---will tie a yellow ribbon.