Friday, December 25, 2009

of poverty and greed

The Harvard Business School has a simple definition of poverty:
"it is badly distributed wealth"
if only the fists of the prosperous would be less tight, some society's worst cancers would be healed.

"the earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed"
-Mahatma Gandhi

yoly villanueva-ong
the philippine star july 20/09

having experienced being poor myself and seeing actual pictures of poverty every day around me, got me to look at its anatomy and structure if that is the correct term. it made me look at it straight into its eye, immersed in it, so that i may have a full understanding of it, that will lead me to dealing with it, and may gracefully live whilst at it and  hold it at bay, after emerging from it.
going through it without sufficient hope and faith can destroy all your belief and your  theology of a good and loving God. i don't know but as long as The Great Controversy is going on within and outside of one's being---every minute, this  disease of social pariah will always be around.let me in my humble way share these 4 concepts of dealing with it of which the first 2  reminded me immediately as i read the 2 quotes above of poverty and greed, the concept and principles from the Good Book.

(His grace is indeed abundant--e.g, vegetation wise,the earth brims in its natural resources no one needs to go hungry,homeless.)
(The antidote for greed.This is never ever easy. You will wrestle with this i tell you, but the outcome can ever be more than wonderful.)

3.Mental Attitude
(This has something to do with educating the mind towards what is good.This is broad. Takes a lifetime process.Something to do with hope, grace,love,kindness to avoid having a hardened and calloused heart, believing in something, in Someone.)

These, however are not a guarantee to make you monetarily rich, er--this writing by the way,is not for those who are after making tons of money, and amassing world's goods,but is for those who are undergoing stressing
difficulties, questionings, on their current life situation--poor, miserable,broke, but thinkers. and would like to live gracefully while going through it towards sufficiency, enough, abundance (why not), and eventually the idea of giving, the act of sharing systematically, consistently, cheerfully, without grudge will be fully understood, and realized.

A Blessed New Year to All!!! His Grace is Sufficient.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

to let go or never to let go

         this an illustration for an etsy alchemy request
                                                              (shortdescription/story below)      
acrylic and graphite on 2ply eco-brown paper

             10.5  x 12.5 inches                             

In India there is an efficient way to catch monkeys, recounted by Jon Kabat-Zinn. A hole is drilled in a coconut just large enough to accommodate a monkey's hand. The coconut is then secured to a tree by a wire. Then a banana is placed inside the coconut. The monkey comes, puts his hand in the coconut and grabs a hold of the banana. The hole is small enough so the monkey can put his open hand in but cannot pull his closed fist out. All the monkey needs to do to be free is to let go of the banana, yet most 
monkeys don't let go.

on problem-filled  relationships:
moral of the story: be driven, focused,persistent,long suffering

amoral: if it is costing you your sanity or your bank account---let go!!!
and if it's your in-laws life---cling. never let go.
(hehehe...just kidding......:-)

Friday, December 18, 2009

the radical simplicity of dan price

'to live within limits. to want one thing. or a few things very much and love them dearly. cling to them, survey them from every angle. become one with them---that is what makes the poet, the artist, the human being.'
                                                                                              ---johann goethe

   a pleasant weekend everyone!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

bloom--just bloom where you're planted

"This is the urgency: Live and have your blooming in the midst of the whirlwind." - Gwendolyn Brooks

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


this my work space in neat condition
          currently working on this: "foot fetish"

old world charms

this is yet part of my
"old world charms" of still lifes.

"orientalia lantern"
12.5 x 10.5 inch.
mixed media  collage art
on 2-ply brown eco-paper

Sunday, December 6, 2009

painting mode


i sure did miss painting. i mean without any mixture of quilting and sewing thing.
i have immersed myself with stitches and stitching for many years.
yesterday, i took out all my painting paraphernalias and organized them. it will be a long romantic journey again with my brushes, pencils, colours, eco brown papers (i just called them that way, my favourite beside parchment paper because of its discreet texture) and coffee (roasted rice alternate with roasted corn, i am convinced too much caffeine in your system is baaad) enough to create some series of collection. here, i have finished two since sunset yesterday. i will do many of the still life old world charms as theme.i have been fascinated  with these subjects for a long time now. cousins as i see it to shabby chic, shoe string chic, country, rustic, distant to bohemia and ephemeras,  paupery too, --with posture, a good one.

"bird's nest dressform" SOLD.
mixed media collage on paper

"broken chair and old pillow"
acrylic and graphite on 2-ply eco-paper

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