Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new theme

every year i cover my class record in different themes. so manual. and even with laptops, excels, electronic recordings around, i still gravitate at keeping manual records beside me. its more handy, no heavy load and bulks to carry. just like many seasoned writers, they still have their vintage typewriters with them, even though they have "apples" beside them.
the theme is--" forever commuting". thats me. that is in celebration of my almost 45th year of commuting experience, ever since i can remember--from school to work to even dating (sigh...)
there are joys and lamentations that goes with it.
and since i am in a "low maintenance" mode, and in fact promoting it, it'll have to be that way...maybe 'til my feet carries me (?).
uhh.. i almost did buy one, a second hand car...some years ago, but the wanderlust in me won, and instead i went to see some part of the globe. i never regretted that move.

Monday, June 29, 2009

"a day job--" the old adage

life is a--day job, is a day job, is a day job, a day job that is--- cant give it up for full time passion because we have other needs---the bliiings and the blooooooongs. and you cant live on your full time passion unless you have other resources. dirty old moneyed corrupt politcian(s),rich ancestors,forever bursaries,deal with drugs,win in a lottery, work to death then retire (still conditional tho--if you will have a good retirement benefit) or else---cling on to your day job, is a day job, a day job that is and be passionate about it.even if you flip burgers, or peel potatoes!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

new pouch--and as usual, no bulk!

i have revamped this new pouch. you can store your dg cam, ipod, bills, change, cards, lovers letters, fotos, even your life.... will be on:


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a timely installation on dreary days

this is an installation through collaborative ideas by the nursing students i think. because its their capping ceremony here in aup-adventist university of the philippines. its rainy season now.
dreary and hazy days are on. welcome rain! you'll make the farmers happy. and i could do my crying in the rain....

the philly love inspiration

done. and will soon be available on:


Saturday, June 13, 2009

quilt artists beaches too you know

...and one last hurrahhh for the summer!
hep! hep!