Monday, February 18, 2013

the latest hoard

i posit today: hoarding makes one poor.

these are my latest hoard some are raw materials for art pin limited edition production; some for self ;D--as treat for being a good citizen that pay her tax/es--on time. they are automated deductions--so its ever always on time-hehe. still some can be considered as 'investment' with or without returns (my face) ;(
and, who ever said you can't buy happiness? if this isn't happiness, i guess its after all--hoarding! haha...

yes--most of those chains, beads and trinkets will be incorporated  to my --future art pin productions
 (examining each while i read and check the exam papers ;D)

and a new book! ;D. and in it are 'my people; my kind' ola!
fashion on the deeper (oh yes--profound ;D) meaning and side of it is not just what most people would immediately think of. fashion--in meester vosovic's perspective and yes, count me in--is: a lifestyle. not necessarily for a show but exactly for the way you live your life--in it or with it. for him, its not just about buying,nor acquiring what's in at the moment--but exactly--producing, making, creating, being inspired, living, thinking; fashion is not necessarily about 'brands' and 'signature/s' although they are very much of part of what it is--for they make fashion evolve, and perhaps more exciting. 
contemporary fashion can be living in one's preferred style. i hope i can 'invent' a style ;D--and eventually have my own buyers and followers. but alas! i am dead on japs fashion and living sense: their unpolished/w/o finish but super clean and well scrubbed floors,
delicate, spare things and animes ;( no fan of them--but my kids are. 

 a cotton shirt for layering. it's blue, it's hip, and it's made in japan ;D the reasons for why i bought it.

 and out of nowhere i just have to include this in today's post. an all-seeing eye ;D a painted art on stone by an art student; a decorative piece on a landscape garden--from where i work.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

new! and off for bkk, thailand ;D

these pretties are mostly one-of-a-kind works; and they're off for bkk thailand.
if you find them interesting and can see the usefulness of them -- i'm a message away.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

so in love these days with what the cams in mobiles ;D can do for your almost daily visual documentations. the qualities that you  would like to put some pretty quick effects; the light and shadow corrections, and then lets you play a little bit further with colours...

the vignette effect from light to dark gives a wonderful effect on many of the faulty pictures i've taken ;D
and on that picture--is the soon 'inspiration' to the 'art pins' i will be creating--adapting some colour theory explorations on the upcoming pins. that is also the attire i've used for work the other day.

behind me is an installation of discarded classroom chairs painted all in white; pretty amazing.
and the fone cam's effect is the lomo.

i am working on a batch of custom request art pins that will be off for bkk, thailand--soonish.

the fone cam's effect--is diminished saturation, adjustments on highlights and shadows and then, finishing it off--with a vignette.dreamy.

 the other day i sprinted towards the old favourite fastfood that i seldom get to visit nowadays and ordered this burger steak with rice and smothered it with dijon mustard, tomato catsup, and finally the fastfood chain's so very hot sauce on top after each other. my tastebud's opinion on all burgers is that--it has to have mustard and catsup on it when gorged.

light and shadow corrected and then vignette yeps on fone cam.


here, i turned the 'documentary effect' too much highlight tho and i dont get to adjust anymore the shadows. its just that --its given. i keep reminding myself, that of course--it isn't an adobe photoshop.

 from the original foto by fone's cam. yours truly's thigh and legs-haha.
all because my platform wedgies are new! yay! a very rare treat to self since i am always lured and attracted to the 'raw materials' for my future bunch of 'art pins'

and moi ;D posing after church.
the effect: black and white; saturation, colour adjustment, and finally vignette.
being immersed with the visual art and its actual production makes it more exciting to experiment and play with the technical effects within almost everyone's reach. amazing times.

enjoy it too with yours! ;D