Tuesday, October 13, 2009

remember the "future bib"?

its done my dears. i will be listing this on annquirky.etsy.com as soon as i gather the specs of this piece, and figure out how to describe it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


i am always drawn to books that has fascinating insights.
recorded experiences by people who've been there--yeah, done it, seen it... and gracefully gotten themselves out of the mess--they have made for themselves :-(

here's one--i finished reading in several sittings (it happens when i have so much interest). this is an old one
scoured from a dingy bookstore. (the more dingy it is--sometimes--the better. serendipity happens in places like this)

here.. read on...

- "give." better to give. there's a reciprocity.
- "find work that you like, and you will be playing"
   and when you find what you like, keep at it. happy people are busy people.
- "marry late. never marry before 30. you've got to grow up first"
- "never marry for sex. it's as easily available as popsicles, and as lasting. marry for friendship. passion
   may or not last, probably not, but intelligence and character are forever. never use your cock as a    weathervane. the wind change constantly on everything except maturity and character."
- "be disciplined. be moderate. and above all, get beyond self. he who would save his life must loose it,' not so? you've got to give yourself to something, some person,some cause beyond your skin, or you'll become bleakly introspect and self-absorbed. self is marvelous, but excessive self is a sink-hole."
- "never aim at mere security. ramble along and don't expect anything to be permanent"
- "take risks, be enthusiastic-selective, but enthusiastic. never doubt that the diamond at the heart of your happiness is as hard, and more significant, than the lump of coal underlying your sorrow."
-"believe in joy. believe in yourself . there has never been a "you" before, and you're unique.
- "assume a confidence if you have it not. it works"
- that's a 'virtue'---"assume a virtue"

"this life is a matter of attitude. thinking the right thoughts is what makes all the difference in the world. march right up to life, look it in the eye, and stare it down. if you roll over, you'll get stomped; if you stand up, they'll salute. simple as that."

that is the conversation between nalorian, grimsby, bert, nubar... mclaughlin (the main character in this fiction) had gone home early. they are colleagues--professors at the Chiliast University, Toronto.
interesting (biting, lots of exuberant dialogue...) book looking into the daily life and grind of work of these professors. an insightful one.

from a paperback edition, 1983  Going Grand by Jack Macleod

Thursday, October 8, 2009

final plate

semester here's almost over.
this is the final plate activity for the still life painting course
a subject that is required for students in tradigital fine arts
before they shift to the digital--from analog to digital.
i will miss the date at the art park every thursdays

i just wish i won't have to fail anyone--tsk.....