Thursday, May 24, 2012

this is a tiny version and replica of the make-up pouch/design that was quite rampant in the 80s up to the  90s. we had many versions of it from generic cheap ;D to serious ones--signature, branded, labeled and tagged-haha--the serious ones are used by our moms and aunts--the knock-offs are with us, we were college students then; armed with pressed powder, liners, and lipsticks--- this is the kind and design that housed our armaments. 'was happy to see this again--make-ups wont fit in here tho', just these little things that usually gets lost in the bigger pouch. the last one in store at a mall i frequent:(. 'twas in bad shape upon rescue. it is perfect now. restored and embellished ;D.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spirit of 3rs101: recycle (reuse,reduce) like there's no tomorrow. and oh, restore ;D

 missing beads purse

found! on one of those 'stress relieving trips' ;D, in good condition but with quite many missing beads randomly--a beaded hand purse!. my original plan was to look for its almost similar kind of bead/s,and sew them in place of the missing ones. but at the moment its just too impossible. i mean, you will hunt for it at every known and obscure stores and shops that sell many a thousand types of such; then there's a mass of things to be done shouting at my face. i need to change the plan----  


 miss betty boop re-born

a defunct and in great mess-- betty boop vinyl jacket with ms betty boop sexiness printed at the isnt a hand-me-down. bought in its state of wretchedness. i dont know why--hahaha--

 or maybe here's why. is this okeeey now? ;D


 the penchant for anything vintage or at least looking like ;D

my scavenging streak works 24 hours a day. honestly there are times that its already tiring simply because of the build up in my living space that seems to become smaller and smaller everyday; this already habit of---saving many things " for the future and or up-and-coming " art and project is becoming nastier by the day. maybe i should now master the art of editing my hoards very often or end up looking like a stupid bag lady--hahahah---with all her trash and worldly belongings around her--guarding them like they're diamonds--duhh.

here's my latest scavenge. the defunct used and broken umbrella left on the ground mayhap by someone because it doesnt close anymore and is rusty to its skeleton.

i picked it up because of the vintage effect graphics and illustration, my thoughts run wildly as i quickly imagine it as
a decorative patch. nope i didnt bring with me its rusty frame--i need to edit for goodness sake--haha. 

here's the outcome ;D

  dec.1. 2011

add something---anything ;D and revive it from its "staleness"



  november 15, 2o11

the burlap hand-bag(?)up cycling

thrift shop finds are sometimes confusing and difficult to decipher. that is why maybe, just maybe the (former) owners would pass their items down---to the thrift shops.

this pretty tie-dyed burlap hand-bag is an impossible hand-bag. impossible to use as hand bag because the handle is too long. impossible as shoulder bag because its all too short! i bought and kept it for a while because i am fascinated with anything tie dyed. they remind of water colour works on paper. here, to remedy the problem since im not in for deconstructing it, nor passing it on, i sewed 2 no longer in use metal key holders on the sides, and the looooong kept adjustable shoulder strap--a salvaged one from a torn shoulder bag...
 and here it is---a more understandable shoulder bag or body bag ;D

some more recyled, up cycled clothing!

from frumpiness to well-- a lesser frump ;)


from tunic top to a simple dress


Ang Peg (the peg)

i recycle old clothes. beside that its fun, it is different,charmingly unusual, quirky, and saves you money. it makes you feel like youre cleverly artistic :D, and free from the dictates of fashion--ohhhh really... really.--here--you can try if you'd like to :D
and oh--i was inspired by this foto (see above inset) and made it "the peg" to create my version :D.

(and perhaps, most of us who are in love with sewing know well this style and technique. hence, seeing this from Accesorize bloggings, made me rummage quick all those old, old hoarded :( clothes i have been shamefully hiding under the bed, study table, broken pails,--oven--sigh--(dont condemn me,i am just human with a weakness like you :D )to make one, for church service attire :0 .)


and now, the old revamped dress. it was formerly a mini and well worn one but still pretty in my is now patched by the hem with another sheared hem from another old old clothing, but i kept it because the cloth and print are divine. it is shapeles, so a sash or a belt is needed simply to take form upon wearing :D



September 22

dye quick! 
 i always have these acrylic colour in tubes that are left unused ever since i can remember. the ones that are left unused and will set to dry after some time, :( are: black, red, yellow, orange, et al. i have been using them as dyes instead of the vegetable dyes that can be bought as individual pack by colour, so that i wont have to boil water and do the many process of that traditional dyeing of cloth. in other words, this is a short cut because i am a very, very, very, tremendously busy person :D (hhahaha). i have experimented this even before--so those left over and has never been used colours in tube will never go to waste.

how you do it: melt thoroughly the colour in container with water--depending on the consistency of the colouring you want to achieve. better to use the paint brush so colours will really melt.
soak then the cloth thoroughly and continue checking if its all covered and even. never rinse, because it would be useless :D--remember--this is a spoof dye! a short cut --nonetheless,
effective. before soaking the cloth however, see to it that the cloth is already clean,ok. simply hang to dry.

the verdict: it is effective however very limited choices for effect, and if not well practiced, it could be messy. acryclic colours you see are permanent colouring.

go ahead--experiment--you wont die. promise.

 and there goes my style---werk while eating or eating while @ werk ;)


September 19

tags o' hoard ;D (sigh and even tags!)
 i am often attracted to things that i see done with bare hands, manual, hand-made. the price tag isnt an ordinary machine made and non-challantly tagged on an item for sale. no, not this one. this is hand calligraphed---as in done with calligraphy brush and calculated strokes. i imagine those black stones that has to be rubbed on a stone pallete with a little bit of water to melt the hard mud like black colour, as what traditional chinese calligraphers use and do  to their writings. i've watched it done in the streets of xiamen, china many years ago. and  this, i am salvaging and will use it as a book mark for they evoke some hand-made lovin, and memories of the mainland china experience.


august 5, 2011
the supposed newly acquired blythe dolls expandable vinyl black pouch from a vintage haunt. oh well its not exactly brand new but it was bought in  good condition or so i thought; because after a week or two of using it, the zipper head flew off :(. im suspecting that the former owner knew about the busted zip but just place it well back and pass it on quick!
 i'm having bad thoughts of passing it on again--just place the zipper back well too, dust it off a bit, and then sell it--quick! after all, it's "blythe dolls" they are the popular wide-eyed sometimes--eerie looking dolls and always, an in demand in the alchemy section (before) on like people would request artisans to replicate items that has blythe doll/s image on them. but no i won't. i know how it feels--being tricked. feels bad, and disappointing. here's how it's been recycled, upcycled, re-done, re-made (call it what you like :D) into another new usable form, this time---lasting.
the "blythe dolls neck pieces"
(re-made to 2 necklaces with all the embellishments, and hand-sewing art effect to make it functional again as accessory to casual wears. jeans & black & whites & off-whites (so many ampersands! :D) will look good with them.




 august 2, 2011

 found object. sturdy antique finish defunct spiral spring from i dont know.

(model: ms. shanda. instructor/graphic artist  view her works here)