Thursday, March 28, 2013

helllooo summer!

i still have so many shells collected and gathered from last summer's vacay. i have used lots of them already on my works and sold them. however i stumbled on these neatly packed and carefully edited and polished(at a local shop as i do the rounds of 'inspiration' stroll), i-do-not-have-these-type-of-shellies yet-- shelliess to which is: exactly are how the selling point -- affected me; tho' my old gathered and rough shells are still sitting and and gathering dusts  somewhere in the mounds of my hoards ;(

 here are my 'new raw material treasures' ;D while examining them one by one and my head is reeling with with design ideas. above is a washi tape cut from the japs and i am intending it to emebllish further my hand-stamped labels for the art pins i make and sell. on the right are: tofu and sour tomato chili dip and the less acid coffee drink--according to the label.

and now... here's how the pretty shellies 'been used to embellished these new--'summaah and beach' inspired art pins.
hello summer beaches! ;D

the teal and black tandem is on ageyyn ;D

and now... here's the 3 variations on the teal covered wool japs buttons, transformed into multi-functional --art pins.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

buttons from the japs!

and yes--i can't resist 'em so i bought them all from the japs surplus shop.
i never regretted having bought these almost 'junk' but so pretties multi-assorted ;D japs buttons! best of all, when i open and pick a piece to charm and embellish a work in progress--it always is a perfect match. ++ i get to feel --'am turning japanese'

 and these--- teal wool covered buttons allows me to create another awesome tandem of teal and black artpins! i will do them in 3 variations, and will show you when they're done ;D
-- oh--- this is the first one now ;D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a fair warning and reminder

 ---if you are an artist, designer, crafter, maker of things, before entering this kind of place take note of these:

  1) pray for self-control, decision-making and guidance
 2) stick with your list of things to buy only
 3) buy only the things on your list
 4) forget the --for 'future' and 'raw materials' needs; because they're all for 'future and raw material needs'
 5) pay and 'flee' as lot and daughters did in sodom and gomorrah
 6) never look back
 7) never turn back
 8) never make your creditors MORE happy 
 9) and now, you can shop! ;D

    and because i followed my own advice, these are the only 'hoards ;D' i made for that trip. i saved me php 1.2M. haha

        of course --that trip was so taxing enough to make us grab to something and bent on that fairly restrained  passion from --theeeeeengs to----foddeeeee! life....

Monday, March 18, 2013

i went over my few days ago blog entries and update on granny's purse

'just edited some of my latest entries few days ago. tsk. bear with me. thank you ;D. i self-edit and i grade my works on 'english communication arts 3' B- (don't complain ;D).

here's the latest addition to  the granny purses i have been collecting(?) not really since it happens in some few instances only (awww;D) when i have extra moo$laahs. i know how to say 'no' often, because im more dead on the 'raw materials' where there is the greater and huge chance of making something out of them and then sell and make some profit.

and so-- i happen to chance up on this pretty traditional(i think) japanese satchel. cloth and design and craftmanship, i gave it an A++ and yes my money

to view previous 'granny purses' and why i called them 'granny's purse--here

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

irresistable custom work

                               rj: ms. ann make me another art pin for my gf. this time, put in my 'rj' initials

me: it'll be used by your girl, and you want to put your own name? and not hers?

rj: sure.

me: (as usual answering (and explaining) my own question) so that when friends and acquaintances and the non as well, would ask about those initials--she'll simply answer: 'it's my boyfriend's, close to my heart--tho' we're temporarily apart'


the 'RJ' art pin


thinking of a new rubber stamp design


 i think this is yet serving its purpose, being a savvy individual and wanting to maximize the little and big purchases i've made. i have been overcharged by the local rubber stamp 'carver'(no, he ain't be called 'artisan') (; this is not the intended design i have sketched and drawn and explained clearly( sigh...but still got it all worng)---but i still went ahead using it tho because, i need to...

 for i am already in dire need of 'some' identity as i started to sell my handi-works--swiftly, somehow.

branding and identity by the way--whats the difference? 
--let me answer my own question in the visual artist's 'context' ;D. maybe--just--maybe 'identity' is more fitting for 'handmades' with love and affection by the artists themselves ;D; and 'branding' then--is for commercial-mass produced consumeables and the non alike, by businessmen. my theory ;D.  

 and here are greens and the muted pinks art pins some are already sold tho. the simple hand-stamped label is i think very much working, since my workings are quiet ornate and artsy. i am thinking of having a new stamp made with a more flowing fonts and some more little elements on the sides. meanwhile, lemme maximize this what i have for the moment

 previous workings and some things to keep up the 'worker' in me @ 2am shift--after the 'noble day job'

Thursday, March 7, 2013

how i am in some days of living this life...

to update ;D:

some days and life in the work arena and the keeping of self sane; the noble day job, church-ing on the sabbath, 2 a.m night shift of  fulfilling custom requests, and a noteworthy hoard from a favourite de-stressing haunts of all made-in-japan (these japs--their handiworks and aesthetics, not to mention their 'built/made-to-last-almost-forever-get-it' sense make me calm(haha-my face)and inspired, save my wallet. and as always, the constant proving of how my 'art pins' are useful and needed in a girl/womyn's life--of course ;D.

with me are my students in 'aesthetics' class at the university's fine arts "art part",
as they put into reality their concepts and plans --a requirement in the course as'individual aesthetic contributions' for the art park---'art-ifyin'  ;D (haha--the word) the drawing board bars. whenever i see vacant opportunities while monitoring their activity--- i sew. because life is short ;D

this type of photo will be recurrent visual supplement ;D as long as i am into making and selling art pins, in many of my blog entries.
its chow time before continuing again to work with the custom requests--2 a.m shift.

and here's a noteworthy latest  made in jap score! plastic mobile cherry clips hang--cute! pretty!
no, they won't be as hangs for undies and other small laundry outside where the sun has the power to make this 'made-to-last-almost-forever-get-it' by the japs in time, and so they will stay forever indoors as long as they're with me ;D. and look how i use them instead ;D----

 a memo mobile hang! ;D

an invite for students' art exhibit and bill. yes the bill, unlovely credit card bill with the beautiful cherry mobile yeah!


and finally, the many artistic and even crazy ways to use my art pins to wit: 

- to close the jacket or is this cardigan(?) because some buttons are missing and there is no time to sew--hello i'm busy sewing art pins

- as cover to tummy's layers of bulge
(i have by the way--innovated--haha--this huge art pins--just for that purpose whilst the battle with these ever layering of bulge is on-going)

- just to simply pin it there on your plain or printed skirt for no apparent reason at all! its pretty too--don't you think? :D

enjoy!@ i accept custom requests--i'm a message away :D