Wednesday, March 13, 2013

thinking of a new rubber stamp design


 i think this is yet serving its purpose, being a savvy individual and wanting to maximize the little and big purchases i've made. i have been overcharged by the local rubber stamp 'carver'(no, he ain't be called 'artisan') (; this is not the intended design i have sketched and drawn and explained clearly( sigh...but still got it all worng)---but i still went ahead using it tho because, i need to...

 for i am already in dire need of 'some' identity as i started to sell my handi-works--swiftly, somehow.

branding and identity by the way--whats the difference? 
--let me answer my own question in the visual artist's 'context' ;D. maybe--just--maybe 'identity' is more fitting for 'handmades' with love and affection by the artists themselves ;D; and 'branding' then--is for commercial-mass produced consumeables and the non alike, by businessmen. my theory ;D.  

 and here are greens and the muted pinks art pins some are already sold tho. the simple hand-stamped label is i think very much working, since my workings are quiet ornate and artsy. i am thinking of having a new stamp made with a more flowing fonts and some more little elements on the sides. meanwhile, lemme maximize this what i have for the moment

 previous workings and some things to keep up the 'worker' in me @ 2am shift--after the 'noble day job'

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