Thursday, April 29, 2010

simplified life with grace =)

life in a community that promotes vegan practice, plus living out this simplified, marginal life style  will certainly help you discover ways and means, and things,that will  somehow  =) affirm  that you'll be ok , and you'll do just fine. not sacrificing -- the grace, --that makes you appear dignified. 

here,s a simplified quick stir fried white cultured mushroom that the university store sells once in a while. i really do not know what they call this, but as i tried to google  pictures that look like this--it closely resembles to an--"oyster mushroom". but that is just a hunch or a guess.
this mushroom--as appealing as it looks can spoof the "white meat" or chicken meat to a certain degree. if cooked fresh and rinsed well. unlike other types that tastes mushy, and, and--smells like that of well-- urine--sorry. that is why this is the best and most preferred by---me.

                  heres how i simply enjoy this fresh type of mushroom:

wash and rinse well, manually strip it thick and thin. heat small amount of oil, put in garlic
             put in any green leaves that is suited for stir frying, after a few minutes throw in the mushroom
            mixing it, you put in salt and pepper. for added taste i used drops kikoman soy sauce. its best
           if its cooked quick so the mushroom stays firm--and chewy. best as toppings on rice. nourishing.

 vegan practice is sweet... (at least to some, yeah we know...)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

weekend and to listen to miss emily post or not

           a great weekend special :D

manggo and condensed milk or swettened milk. i used to eat this fruit (well at least until now..) which i have been calling some
    years now as the --- will-never-trade-this-with-grapes-nor-peaches-ever, as plain,
 luscious and juicy and diabetically sweet and will refuse to slice it but peel it instead
 and gorge on it inspite of all the mess and sticky feeling after because of its sweet
      juice that drip on your hands and arms, and on to your clothes whilst devouring it. i still dont care. after all  i  could always wash my hands, and laundry the clothes. for me, no matter how primitive
uncultured, very poor and marginal looking  way of eating this fruit, i eat it that way.
peel and munch on it simultaneaously. the perfect and  way to eat and enjoy this, exactly the way we eat it when we were kids in the province every summer vacation.
i tried slicing it. well--doing it the cultured way. and nay, my instinct tells me that the previous one
is yet the right way :-). rural style and very third world. who cares. oh- but don't worry miss emily post, i dont do it public--marginal i may be---but i do have grace. nonetheless i do it in the comforts of  my home :D, and with very close friends--and there--i dont ever care. in fact, it is just the way they do it. see, insticnt is instinct. rural pinoy right. this fruit is quiet expensive for me so i have to enjoy it fully when i have it.

 oh but miss emily, you'll be happy to see me eat this in a very cultured manner.
           and this is just a recent discovery :-(
(BRENDA ANGEL! theeennnkk you for sharing this. you are an angel.)
                   wash the ripe manggo, sweet or not sweet, but surely ripe. battered or in its perfect
                          shape--the equalizer of it all will be the consdensed milk.
                         slice it into cubes, and pour the sweetened milk(in can) over it.

                            make an unsweetened or very lightly sweetened black coffee

                           get a book.(and i mean read it too :-)
                          and that is (also) the best way to enjoy this fruit--very miss emily post
                           on some great solo weekends!

Monday, April 12, 2010

an addiction. it eases me. makes me happy and i hope others too...

suddenly the ideas came rushing in. its like an outburst that even in my sleep and dreams i am stitching the ideas spinning in my mind.
those accumulated materials and raw materials are screaming at my face and sight to use them and let their beauty shine : D. and really i cant seem to stop. (design ideas, hoarding of this a curse or what?)save that it hits my mind everytime, that i ought to go to work and faithfully do my duty lest id be terminated and finally starve together with my kids. this doing, is already becoming an impedement in my regular usual routine of chores. the accumulating bills to be paid. errands and the weekly rituals of scrubs, doing nails, and hairs, brows...
what is this......

but ahhhh look at this new piece. born of inspirations by these youths that i spend with many hours in the classrooms, community (duuhhh..hahhaa im staying in a very close proximity, just a stone's throw away from the university. and to my left and right... my very own children. no wonder i cant be a "city slicker"! colours and its symbol and play is yet an important function to be able to get the result that i am after. and then, texture, texture, texture...

this particular piece i am working now--is an inspiration from a former student of art. but shifted to another course because of her parents good judgement(s) (part of educators and administrators of this university) deemed that she will just play and later will become hip and bohemian, and will finally starve.and that will be the end of her life. useless and ruined. she shifted to the more practical, in-demand and very very service, with TLC oriented course --at the college of nursing. and you know what?? mothers knows best. she finished her course, inspite of the first impression she usually leaves,  she is known  inside the campus as voracious, noisy talkative, happy-go-lucky, will always laugh and talk on top of her voice as if the world is hers. she passed the nursing board exams, of which this year the national passing rate is 39 percent, and in this university---80 something percent. this school and its CON is known for its high percentage passing rate. she is now a duly liscenced, certified, professional, tender loving registered nurse. RN.

meet her soon... and oh--this is her character that i am trying to capture on this piece and the rest of the pieces that i am working all together at the moment...

"Exuberant and cheerful. Outgoing and affectionate. Dreamer. Attention lover. You desire respect. Good sense of humor. You appreciate kindness and return it. Love to indulge in creative stuff. Peace lover. Magnanimous. Sexy personality. Good at keeping secrets. Sympathetic. Trustworthy."

and this is the way she played with her name:

O : has one of the best personalities ever
A : crazy
U : is loved by everyone
I : is really sweet & romantic
E : has gorgeous eyes
L : is a very good kisser
I : is really sweet & romantic
N : is a very good kisser too!
A : crazy

                  status: 80-90 percent done....just a little bit more of concoction/s so i can get what i am wanting it
to appear.

    great and wonderful days ahead!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

dolls of the old world charm----here you go....

these have been part of my fascination over old things that evoke memories. dolls in my childhood dreams captured on printed cloth. tea stained, hand-appliqued and quilted, frayed edges and tarnished metals are part of the ephemeral touch i want to achieve on these pieces. hand-made and hand-sewn stitches as well are distinctly shown for each piece is a form of art. an expression. no piece is exactly the same for they are made one by one. sans the aid of technology (tho' nothing against technology of course)

explore, experiment, express, and practice the art and medium of my interest. here's but the part of the result.
its either wearable or a wall jewel.  enjoy the detail of each piece friends, basically i pose, it is yet but an art.

darling sophia in purple tier

miss emily in her lovely flower pin

the dolls carousel

the vintage doll trike tie

the men of charlie dolls collar and pendant
(the pendant is detachable and can be used as a pin)

the old victorian parasol tie

edrick bruel with Nikon D40X Lens 18-135,yours truly and my dependable g.e dgcam a-730
location: aup (sine on!) tradigital fine arts gallery, gate 2


bloops and the sublime 
act of stitching that can fix some void, restlessness and even the feeling of being worthless. it is a humbling act.

(Sublime (philosophy) from Wikipedia In aesthetics, the sublime (from the Latin sublimis ([looking up from] under the lintel, high, lofty, elevated, exalted) is the quality of greatness or vast magnitude, whether physical, moral, intellectual, metaphysical, aesthetic, spiritual or artistic. The term especially refers to a greatness with which nothing else can be compared and which is beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement or imitation.)

What happiness the rural maid attends,
In cheerful labour while each day she spends!
She gratefully receives what Heav'n has sent,
And, rich in poverty, enjoys content.

John Gay