Thursday, March 29, 2012

the hunt for "granny's little purse" is (sometimes) on

this fascination and somewhat 'hunt' over these little purses to which i called them 'grandnanny's purse' is up once in a while. the fascination grew overtime as i age---40+++++++ ;D to date. carrying huge huge bags where i can put my cabinet and working table is efficient. but there are times now, that small pretties as hand-bag works and lets me look and appear decent.
you see, granny's thinning shoulders and the candidacy for brittling  bones cant hold up much purse/bags that are slinged on shoulders. also, the need for so many things to carry wherever they go do not matter anymore as they do in their heydays. 

i am celebrating the beauty of granny's little purses ;D!


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Sept. 14. 2011

"I'm a domestic diva. Keeping house is probably my number one biggest hobby/passion, to the point where I'm trying to find a way of making an income out of it. I like being at home- baking, housework, decorating... it's all my bag, baby. I don't see any reason what so ever why people can't have a lovely clean and nice looking home no matter how poor they are. I live on the poverty line and I've managed it well."

miss sparrow one of my early favourite and inspiration as i have these what i call "immersions in marginality", has well said what i have planned to do with my life 27 years ago. i have always wanted to stay home and keep house. plan meals, teach kids, and yes--do laundry cheerfully, not the way i so hate it today---for the simple fact--that, other duties and interests and time has taken over, and i just see it now as burden, and waste lots of my time and energy :D. inspite of the fact i finish my b.f.a and many times attempted to finishing my m.f.a, i still wanted, practice and still dream of it---staying at home, keep house--and now im wondering--if i should have taken up b.a in home economics instead, but that has never ever crossed my mind before.

through the years, those bright, idealist plannings turned somehow to a mock that echos everytime i get sooo busy juggling the domestic work and scene, with a full time instructing "noble" day job---which is a must to keep the economy at home and at hoards :D floating, to yes----creating artworks and art forms to hone the craft i keep singing, and hoping and trying to thinking and working further how it can enrich the economy in and out of the house. and that is exactly what stress means, and chasing after  the wind perhaps just so to be with where "i am happiest the most".

a small flicker of that dream stays lighted in the smallest corner of mine heart---when one day i would have to stay home--the whole time, and keep house (and immerse in art activities). i mean my own "house" sweet house puleeeeezzz--hahaha.

even if it looks chaotic, believe me, my home and studio is clean:D,


Its good to be out and enjoy the sun and morning breeze! and the trees---they never stop to amaze me with their sublime beauties. a favourite subject to draw and paint ever since. I am a tree a hugger.