Tuesday, September 29, 2009

future bib

multi-taskers are the frugalistas!
dern. frugal even with time haha. thats the only way in times like these, dears.

above is a work in progress-- a soon to be bib necklace, sans the beads and other faux jewels/stones.
it's all embroidery, applique and quilt method applied to achieve--the well--marginalists effect.
an all upcycled fabrics from three different clothing. sewn together by hand.

multi-tasking yet. beside the work, are my students plate for hist. of art 3--egyptian art. sarah's work--read her blog here. i check, grade their work, read lessons, while vent this swealing creative  streaks out---to be able to go on living and add more meaning to my existence- i think i'll slowly die if i will not express my feelings through art. and its not a handicraft! it's an art.(you're so full of soaps! just get on multi-tasking!)

will show it to you when it's done. a lovely day  dears.

the marginally challenged look on tuesday work day

   blouse with lace embellishment-- $1.00
                 leather cheetah belt- inherited from a friend who will migrate
                       skirt- that -turned- yellow- and -print- became- blurry -after- some washing--$.50
leather gladiator-- price upon request :-)
                 bag-again inherited from a friend who will migrate, her names rona

thats how we take and sustain, and maintain---uhhh--(our)style. because we have other needs. books, blings, zines,
starbucks, pizzas, potato crisps, art materials, vintage haunts. and oh, but we each have our favourite
charity mission org., that we support, because we understand, grace, and the needs very much by others in dire situations and we believe in blessings in return--
i am partial to the philippine frontier mission. a small fraction of my fractured salary goes directly to this.
feels good to my soul and reminds me not to be selfish :-), and there's a mission going on...thats needs to be finished, coupled by divine grace, in the realms of spirituality and reality.

Monday, September 28, 2009

asian asian


steffi's work. origami. simple yet amazing. my favourite above are the two pigeons.
they actually sway like they kiss beak to beak (hahaha) or better yet beak on their food.
and there's the bunny, cute!
she sat beside me while i do my art projects ever since she was a baby.
no i never taught her how to draw. i just let her watch.
she's fun to be with but a monster sometimes.
all kids are monster i think, they just act like being cute so you'll love or like them at least.
just a thought on that--but all kids are trainable, they can be molded right so they can control
their monster inside, and get busy with their work! 
(steffi is trained by the way, and to be her own person,no monster--laughs..)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

faux (obviously..haha) peacock feather brooch

 productive days it is.  this faux peacock feather is done!
an embellishment for anything--clothes, bags, necklace--and some of my art students commented or joked(?) it looks like a pot holder. and i said--thats the beauty of it. the maker is to0 hot to handle *wink*

"i'm your density...i mean your destiny"

i originally read that quote on one of ashley hadeed's blog archive i think. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

made by me and not in china

      this a new cuff i recently made.
its an all hand-made as in neddle and thread.
a combination of an all new material and recycled ones,
   in the spirit of 3 Rs (reduce,recycle and reuse).
           one of a kind forever
       will soon be on annquirky shop