Wednesday, December 28, 2011

40. tell a story with what you wear (1,001 ways to use art pin/brooch)

when the mood hits you;)

model: ms. jolo shanda g. angel
       graphic artist/designer,
creative shots photographer,
art instructor

location: j. detwiler memorial library entrance
adventist university of the philippines

foto credits: merly regencia


the "octopus caught in seaweeds" scarf and art pin/brooch in foto detail


               Heppi New Year Everyone!

blo0ppers. its been a while since we have done this. the no frills, no fuss, instant foto shoots in between classes. spotting and looking around for the chance whom i can harass to model instantly for me :D.
technique: look around who is well dressed, made up, clothes matching, and that is fitting for the art/item to be photographed, promoted and listed. sometimes i dont have to look far. my very colleague, a former art student is now with us as part-time lecturer on the digital art courses. seeing her attire, i asked if she can model for me just before she meets her class----and sweet heavens--she said --yes. thank you miss shanda! you are a poser :D)))))))

39. simply for your collection ;D

details on these pieces can be viewed here:
(title, size, dimension, materials. these are all custom request. if you'd like one--i'm a message)

39. kid's or even mom's emblem on a mother's day and beyond

    kids need some art pinning too!

 "mama an' me" in foto detail. abooout 2.5 x 4.75 inches

37. liven up your all black and white and gray wardrobe staples

  the houndstooth and tutti frutti   flower pin. about 3.5 inches in diameter. sold.

with the classic hounds tooth appeal. elegant yet fun. will liven up your all black and white and gray wardrobe staples. this is just the answer---pin a brooch!

details and price  on:

38. quick fixes hole(s) on tops

 "houndstooth and flavoured tutti fruttis" art pin/brooch in foto detail  about 3.5 in diameter

36. best for gifting (on with 1,001 :D you can do with art pins/brooches)


35. bring your own corsage

 go ahead bring your own corsage! pin it with or without the   corsage provided :D (inset, is the "flight" art pin/brooch)

the "pretty callas in forever bloom" in foto detail

34. an accent to break the bias monotony----

on skirt this time!

miss spidey art pin/brooch in foto detail

33. whats "in" a bag


                                                                    spicing it up!

(inset above) ms. roan's silver purse tied rather than pinned with a brooch to spice. thanks ms. roan!  

32. for that "effortless" look everytime!

how it leaves you speechless with happiness and heart warming as it is--to see your works worn, liked, and  pictures sent to you showing, how they pulled it --effortlessly.

                            (in set is ms. danica roan manuel. graphic designer, henna body artist, entrepretneur,wearing her "colours of india and the midetarennea on my mind" a custom art/brooch pin,  multi-function that is.)

                    other ways to use the art pin/brooch, by ms. roan. 

if you would like to have yours custom that will embody your personality, message me here. :D

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