Monday, April 27, 2009

another "i hate bulks" hand-made purse----laaaaavvv eeettt!

i am having difficulty upon deciding whether to put this on etsy or not. this is one, labour of love, also an artform, has been shelved for oh so many months, because i am looking for the perfect element that i can infuse for the closure on the cards and fold bills section. and then the other day--bingo! i found it. a small belt with antique finish buckle minus the hole, its ok--still serves it purpose perfectly because the fabric--a mixture of cotton and mostly synthetic i think, never glides and slides, it stays permanently where you want it.
materials. its from a leather skirt. made in italy. so u know what we're having here. its waistline --22 inches! i conclude its vintage. are you kidding?in this world of cokes, custards, pringles, saturated fats,trans fat,yeah right(as if i know it at all)--where can you ever find that woman with such waistline. oh well maybe in--siberia? alaska. a woman hostaged and is never given food. bulimic, anorexic.
anyhooo--i am going to recreate it...

i have taken out the pocket--the leather is soooo smooth and durable--labour of love it is--because i keep pricking my hands till it swelled and bled while i sew and piece together the portion at the back for money-fold bills and credit cards, and attached it on the original pocket--now turned into coin purse section, althroughout. man, the zipper is an industrial type one--glides smooth.. .
all hand stitches that i did here, are sewn twice over. compartments are all lined. satin quilted cloth and appliqued with brown lace.the colours--divine.subdued.ha. whatelse, and if i change my mind, it will be for sale on etsy

happy birthday girl (april 20, 2001)

girl as sweet as this thing :-) deserves some greeting in this journal on her 8th birthday.
she's the one responsible for taking many of the pictures at the things on my etsy shop,including here. she models some of them too, and if she can edit writings i tell you--i will let her. no, 'not exploiting her, just cultivating her possible skills :-).
my cam fone is almost battered now, because from it she practice taking pictures and video making. she will shoot anything. your arse, tooth decay, close-up your pimples, dead rats in the canals, her stuff toys, her drawings, and ya, herself. happy birthday stef! enjoy every bit of what you do!'will be always here for you my little girl!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

earthy sturdy hand-made wristlet pouch

once in every while i take a break from quilting,
and try to re-creat a different thing like this----a guaranteed non-bulk wristlet and pouch
to hold your immediate worldly possessions.
some of us hates the bulk. we have too many everyday loads already...and one more bulky item in our bag can be irritating all the more.
--this is an ooak (one-of-a-kind.forever.) appliqued and beaded wristlet.sturdy, lined,functional. and bulk-buster i may say. (SOLD)

available on:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

d.i.y, custom work and the business side

here's a d.i.y (do-it-yourself) idea on a memorabilia that can be displayed on your wall of fame, furever.

if i could quilt all things, i will. including yours and our neighbor's mouth--the rumor mill. that could be a piece of an artwork and artform.just a joke :-)

-ok, the DIY. get your loved one,s once favourite item (item it is--because 3d kawaii stuffs can be made as one too--'will show it on my up coming blogs..)such as shirt, jumper... those amazing prints, patch on their favourite outfit but was set aside for varied reasons. outgrown, vintaged and antiquated, she/he went ahead of you...and by all means you will not part with it neither give it away. you can either display it as it is, or keep it to oblivion or revamp it and turn it as a piece art:

-cut the amazing print or patch, then either applique it on another piece of cloth or piece it together with another cloth

-batting is needed--polyfill or fiberfill to sandwhich it with a backing, another cloth, then quilt it like crazy, it will be an artpiece... believe me

-finish it with a binding, sew on ribbon at the back so its ready for hanging and viewing, and remebering...
CUSTOM WORK.heres where i come in, i do and offer custom work you know.if in case you followed these simple steps on the art of quilting, and somehow along the way you loose your way, you got confused, or got busy with your boyfriend, work, chills, foodtrips, or simply got disinterested and the will to finish it, fizzled out, gone---contact me asap--on convo me from there; you cant just let such important "artwork" be shelved.
custom work, i like. a bit difficult and collaborations can be exhausting, but the challenge and the much awaited outcome can keep you going

the BUSINESS SIDE. paypal :-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

black and white-the absence and presence of light

black and white, whether its referred to often as colour or not, there is always a drama that it evokes on almost anything visual, because of its strong opposing contrast.
artists and designers make use of these as a respite to everyday blurring and the much resounding effect of colours.

black and white have cutting edge for emphasis. clear cut, strong and timeless.
an allusion to almost anything in life. hot and cold, good and bad, the great controversy,repels and absorbs,fat and thin..(huh?just figure it out...hahahha)

on these quilts, black and white have been explored.
with some splashes of a colour, and or gray.'not much a fan of gray-but useful it is on some instances.

all available on:

some more recent creations and going gaga over quilting

addicted to quilting. i cant stop. i am all lagging behind now over the things that needs to be done and finished in my day job.

i have the tendency to neglect everything when i start quilting.

i become oblivious to everything, when i,m at it.
keeps me occupied, numbs me ...
is this a form of addiction...
but i dont shake and perspire and rattle and roll and pant yet when i dont and cant quilt.
i can just,--uhh, say-- go crazy...

custom pin-up--recent creation

ahh.. after more or less 60 bids at custom alchemy on, a fellow etsian said yes after my litany on how i would go about the project. i am sooo challenged and i wanted to land on that boxes where they show the finished, done projects by the artists, artisans. an artist i am. because i work with heart, soul, and mind, plus the fact that sometime in my life i starved for my art's sake :0

i developed this penchant for pin-up girl(s) illustrations, the vintage ones. and whenever i chance up on it, on one of my leisure time, and expressing self, de-stressing, etc..hhahha --going on vintage haunts, estate sale (tho' i dont have much resources,i.e--money, money, money... i just like saying it..."estate sale". elevates somehow those used, junks, things that the owner no longer wants, and there you are rummaging through it, and then you pass it as--vintage finds--so what--and look how we will recreate it. awww!)i just grab it! hoard it if i can. (some more pin-ups coming coming up. its worth pinning it up on your wall of fame)

and then i offered this find. a beautiful vintage pin-up print on cloth. 're-created it according to her request.