Sunday, August 21, 2011

low, very low maintenance garden patch :O

i used to pass by a huge house before, everyday i went for work, that has a garden by the road side which at first glance is very ordinary. all greens, no flowerings just all green plants randomly planted without the visible "manicured" effect of a landscaped garden that is usually expected of a nice, huge house with a front lawn. i dont know if its just a case of "got used to it" because i see it everyday ( or it simply appealed to me because i am fond what i always call the "laid back" appeal) but know what? the green, those all-green plants and shrubs the owner thrown as if to mix and match the plants :)--started to look good, appealing to me. i concluded the owner perhaps doesn't want to spend too much time and money for "maintenance". oh but there was arrangement somehow--few garden stones to break patterns in between, small plants, shrubs, then tall plant recurrence. always swept clean because i never ever saw dead leaves on its green ground. (recall must be powerful and the one single subject as, colour :D )

here, i tried to replicate the all green effect. this low--in fact, super low maintenance garden patch, and perhaps this version is funny--but who cares, as long as i see greens --and smell every morning those "almost" like a juniper  and pine smell of  surroundings , to counter the dern--- compost smell of food refuse i made just thrown aside hoping that the sun would  dry them up quick. i was wrong. 'should have dug a small hole and covered it with dead leaves, every after layer :(

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

print against print is A-ok :D

perhaps if you just dont let the colours clash too much, and neutralize it with a strong solid (base) colour :D. just experimenting...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

i wish offices are like this--no cubicles

 favourite hang out and a place to display hand-made productions. we live and work in a place where we are very near this tranquil hole, and if we want some peace and quietness after hoarding trips (hahaha) we stop by here and partake of their "hot" offerings as the pancakes, espressos, cafe americanos, and their other "pinoy" foodies. oh, we do also our art-ings here...

   miss shanda the kindred creates some doodles to sell more :D

                                  harassed miss shanda modeling my stuffs, 
          and my partner in crime. miss shanda is in her middle 
          20s but has the thinking of late 30s and has an    imagined responsiblity of 40s woman, girl =)

  the " rose tattoo" pendant and brooch/art pin
about 2.75 x 3 inches in diameter
silver steel metal chain is about 20 inches
for sale and available here

   the "rock star rhinestoned choker" and possibly a bracelet, cuff.    its for sale and available here

                         and  i thought it was just all about--art-ing, designing, sewing, re-making old and new things, expressing, an exercise of design concepts--and little did i know that in real setting, it entails the "works": pricing, as in tag price :), strategy in pricing amidst the china world of competition of .10 cents for 100 things, marketing, promoting, (and this thing 'art and expression' that you are harping about gets lost in the middle of--tryin to make some dough out of it :(! ) and the established ones ('tho i have read and even taught of it many years ago... that was the concept...) 
and now, the art of display, howbeit conserving capital investment on those paraphernalias, and here's what i've got--hand-made rack! and now theyre asking for calling cards1 i am thinking of hand-made calling card to go with the concept? ha!
 and, these are miss shanda's works which are for sale too, 
                  and her works are a staple here


(foto credits here)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

an e. munch inspirati0n--"love's death"

copying the master, and feeling nostalgic.
in art schools you see, there is this particular work plate exercise(s)that require students to choose a known dead painter and copy from one of his master pieces.

the intent of course is not to make a copy cat out of the learners, but learn the styles and techniques on rendering, and immerse in composition, so that eventually, one will wean off to create or develop his/her own style.

 sells over at:

    "love's death"
        about 8x11 inches mixed media art.
          textile, satin, primed canvas, pen,
         graphite, metal chains, synthetic and
        cotton cloth, resin, embroidery thread
               an all hand-made art from painting, piecing together
           appliqueing, and quilting. a binding is sewn at the sides to finish and a final backing is sewn on the back. a hang is provided.