Saturday, June 25, 2011

3rd attempt

yepsss. this is exactly my third attempt in at "least" replicating even the "just the feel", or "at first" glance look alike to the very first "flowered tutti frutti and the houndstooth appeal" multi-function art pin/brooch i have done sometime ago.

due to the many queries i have received if its still available and or could be replicated just exactly the same, and this budding entrepreneurship (aaawwwwwwt,tttssss) in me, made me to do several attempts  to repeat the work, third 3rd time around. so far this is the outcome. (see image below. the "tutti frutti and zebra print appeal")  

(pictures don't do justice to the art :( my dg cam is about to give up (?) after 2 years of "hardwork")

the tutti frutti and the zebra print appeal in foto detail.
about 3.75 inches in diameter.


here's my first attempt, that finally resulted into having to add the black lace raffle---to attain more balance.

real tutti fruttis and the houndstooth appeal in foto detail. (NOT AVAILABLE anymore, but a similar one can be made again)


here's the second attempt the petite version. real cute and pretty! about 2.75 inches in diameter.
the "houndstooth and the flavoured tutti fruttis". SOLD.


finally, here's the very first one done about a year ago (i really appreciate people who have the "eye" at first glance, can see beauty and soul in certain art forms and outputs, for there is such a time (ohhhh--haahhhaha) when many will come and see its beauty and soul, but as hand-made prime characteristic(s)
: many say--the "pulse" is now different, and so forth, and the problem of re-creating it exactly the same will be an impossibility, and in this case materials are no longer available as, many times i work using recycled materials. so, the very first then, usually serves as the inspiration. more versions coming...

the "flowered tutti frutti and the houndstooth appeal" in foto detail. SOLD
about 3.75 inches in diameter

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

productive holiday

' used to hear my mother say before, on long weekends: " oh unproductive day(s)again " 
i wish she's still alive today... for many, many of my weekends and "non-working holidays"
are spent "productive". indeed, there is a time for everything as the song of songs
have written.

happy 150the birthday, dr. jose rizal! that is why it was declared a non-working holiday yesterday.

(and ma, rest awhile. you have done a good job we'll be seeing each other again.)

happy father's day---dad. and to all the wonderful fathers.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

the case of to sell or not to sell, and then to sell

this is originally created as an additional art/item to be listed at the online shop i am keeping.
an all hand-made slim choker neckpiece, and can also be worn as cuff/ bracelet.

hand-made as it is, has undergone a loving tedious process that to a point, makes an artist think many times if such
 will go or not. 

time spent, loving rhythmical pattern of needle and thread through textile and objects to make up a form and style, getting lost with it as in a trance--reaches the peak's activity by finally attaching one more object and closing that final stitch and knot. clear quickly the work area, and lay down the darling piece.
run a hand through it as gentle, thinking that it gives it the final touch and glow.
stare at it, smile with congratulatory whisper to self, and try it on...

then finally decide,--- its for keeps.


...and now, this is  the case of  TO SELL or even CUSTOM.
these are its breed. and more to come...

neckpiece choker, and a bracelet in one. cool.

miss crabby blued

"sexy" forever
(a custom for a.p. registered nurse)


drop dead "sexy"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

trivial but...

     sometimes it does feel so trivial blogging this tiny achievement/s. but deep inside, i am very happy.
these trivial things and happenings from this speck of dust in the world filled with awesome achievements by the greats and mighties, makes some
how this seemingly insignificant existence, a little bit significant... console... :D

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