Thursday, January 24, 2013


 and before sewing the night away...
lets lomo and fake the fish eye lens ;b first...
one of the many ways to enduring the 2 a.m side jabs/jobs whichever... 


i wish i could finish more fast and quickest of the handiworks that i do, more than my hands, purse, impulse combined buying these 'raw materials' and 'inspirations'; ;(


before the design idea/s go stale...


Sunday, January 13, 2013

New! B N W

Colour Theory: The Presence and absence of Light.
B N W is also black and white.

Blessed New Year! ;D 'been so busy lately and have been neglectful in updating. Nonetheless--im back! ;D with these new 'fresh-ies' of black and whites of what i call 'art pins'; its one of the reasons why i'm busy and engrossed with most of the time, to the point i have not done the hated laundry for weeks and weeks now-haha--for i find these doings far more enthralling ;D to begin with
and oh--- since i am so fond of brooches and pins way back in high school, i have here
listed and it's on-going, progressively-- 'some ideas and practical uses' of these pretty collectibles