Sunday, February 28, 2010

a new piece for the visual serenade site


 the AD 2010. before, the mediocres will salivate on published copies of glossy photos of their favourite stars, hardbound, paperbacks by their favourite writers. astonished by the rigorous effort, time, money that was put in by the people behind its production, and post production. nonetheless, those efforts, tremendous hardwork paid off. they have set the trend. the mediocres were fed. including our lust to imitate what have we seen, and read for the last decade/s in our lives.
now, the surge of technology and its genius has paved the way for us act out those we have seen, read, and ... in our own time and phase, minus the high production cost,and the grueling effort to be able to produce and publish.

    as an artist, and trying to live below my means, i try to maximize on using what is available, what is around, and at hand. keeping all the costs down, so that other needs can be sustained. i am or we, that is...
reveling on this technology, thanks to its genius. blogs are free, or almost. an area to exhibit works and pound on the podium with your ideas on daily basis, or as your  emotions compels you to, and publish it---world wide!

     in our imaginary thoughts its like, we gotta move fast! we gotta move fast!. we have an audience to feed. we imagine our 2-3 audience average visits per day, to be 2,000-3,000 visits per day! ha! dream on...
is it bad?  ok---projected then.

    unbelievable are its endless possibilities, and opportunities, and mayhap the consequences... i don't know, but i do pray for guidance everytime.

     as a person who has been trained to link , relate faith and learning in all of the subjects that i handle as an instructor in the visual arts, i  often find myself questioning--what is yet to come?
all that is with good and bad intent have  equal opportunites here, to perpetuate each of their own causes.
and as a follower of this Lover of my Soul--the Christ, what have i been doing  for Him to further His cause? and His bid "Go"...

     I have a site set-up about 2005, dedicated as  my Visual Serenade for Him. I believe art in its truest form and meaning should be about: WITNESS and PRAISE. audience, or no audience, gallery or no gallery, critics/critques or no critics/, applause or no applause, reviews or no reviews, inspiration or no inspiration, no. it should be inspired.

    I have been neglecting it for the past three years. I have so many ideas and already done sketches ready to be realized on textiles but was just shelved. however, i finally was able to produce one after many years of neglect... this new piece " vision ". so this revelry on the gift of technology might be
sensible in  heaven's sight, and my intent to participate as witness, not wanting to be wrapped-up in self, which i have the tendency to do so...arrrgghhh...what are blogs for? grinnnsss

 vision on "Vision"

     having been able to attend a school that was run by the Seventh-day Adventist denomination in my elementary and highschool years, got me to hear and read often a Bible verse that include this line--"without vision, the people perish", everytime. it never meant anything to me until i got involved in the business of instructing, some 15 years ago.

     at the start of each semester we are to write down the objectives, goals, upon creating the course syllabi. it hit me one day, the very importance of this line after methodically doing the never ending objectives,vision,that eventually becomes your mission, goal. and i am suspecting, this could have been likely the cause of a many of my maladies in life. i was visionless in my young and restless years. it was either i do not care, or i simply cannot envision myself doing anything significant at all save that, deep in my heart, i love art, and i like teaching. 

    a vision is never arbitrary. it is always a must as one plans the course and direction of his life, as if lifetime happiness,and its domino effect is dependent on it. 
    not essentially perish physically outright,but in the sense perish mentally, spiritually in gradual manner. and what is living if one is already mentally, and spiritually dead? a zombie i guess.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

let Thine streams of Light flow---my soul's yearning

it seems that i will be standing right here by the front of this huge and amazing carved hard wood door of this cathedral semester after semester, and year after year, as long as i have this subject/course hist. of art *philippine art  under me. much as i would love to stay inside the van and let these youths roam about this huge historical place, this still small voice behind my ear wouldn't let me.its a call of duty. to let them see, explain to them within the context of philipine historical facts the part of who they are, as present generation young pinoys and pinays. perhaps, part of the effect of globalism that sets confusion upon these youths of their cultural identity, and waning knowledge of their rich cultural heritage.

alongside, i made this seemingly stale routine a meaningful one, this time.making the Light as my theme.

"let your light shine its rays round about me, and your Abiding Presence
linger... as i tread this path unknown without fear and without trembling" 
i am forever mesmerized by the beauty of light from its dawning forth to its setting away for a little while.
gives stories, and meanings, and evoke some pasts that could either make you joyful or tearful.
my heart flutters as i see Light glistens and...
-create silver linings upon the waves on the shore and on skylines at the setting from its awful source.
-casts a mysterious shadow that can make you more than nostalgic, so much so it touches a string of chord within your soul.
-spills its glorious soft and sharp rays through its quickening edges that could make your eyes squint or stare.
-gives you hope, that makes you feel alive again, and thankful that the darkness is yet far from nigh.

"never shut thine Light from me. 
for i am but a speck of a dust,
lost in the shadows of darkness.

let thine stream of Light flow
about this darkness where i
wallow, groping and gasping for breath."

may your weekend be ever filled with the Light!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

spidey on her web net bag

eco-friendly spidey net bag.hand-made. knotted abaca thin yet sturdy ropes with sipdey on her web and lace embellishment.the net bag has a bit of gold thread weaved all over--so its not just plain black.

i didnt weave the abaca. its bought that way and it is brand new.
to add quirkiness--so it will never be ever so plain, i created miss spidey and her net
and attached them on this eco-friendly net bag.

miss spidey is a brooch by the way.

i created that one. 
made of gauze--quilted 
using fiberfill for the batting--the sides are left frayed---the quilt pocess holds the gauze and the fill altogether good and finally miss spidey's eyes are made of tiny red glass bead--sewn just above her face, with black lace sewn around...
its very
a + t + 0 = C. yay!

it is for sale and available here

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