Sunday, September 30, 2012

custom work and off to china

art pins

 these pretties are a custom request and are off to china sooon;D

custom workings and the lowly dinner of hard boiled egg, boiled mini potatoes, vinaigrette for dip, and the hot drink--black--to stay awake 'til the workings are finally done, at least ;D
(and then. doze off in class tomorrow ;(.zzzZZZ...)

Friday, September 28, 2012

why not?

the cliches of:
'i'm new to this'
'it can't be done'
'made in you know where'
'10 for .05 cents.'
'mass prodcution'
and the most dreadful of them all:
'no budget' ;(
drives you nuts to momma creative!

(i'm going back to basic ;D--hand stamped with luv)

why not?

46. for your waistline

Thursday, September 27, 2012

45. use art pins to cover flaws on your DIYs ;D

we love our DIY projects and would use/wear them as soon as we're done; there are times however that we are in a hurry and do not have enough time to re-do the flaw or  mistake we did on our 'project'. if your case is similar to this, an 'art pin' will do the trick to even out the flaw


44. showing appreciation to the giver


i have been gifted by a colleague with this--a pretty muted pink, paisley printed, soft, thin, almost square, so pretty scarf from her recent trip in way saying 'thank you' is to let her see it with me wearing her present, pretty! ;D 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

43. a twist to your old but reliable and neutral scarf

 the sea 0f baubles and thousand times over replicas and repros of accessories we have today. hand-made art-ings will make the difference

42. a flair to your structured handbags

41. an accent to your choker

a great way to add whimsy-ness on your accessories and other fashion staples ;D

(i haven't been consistent on updating this portion of counting ways progressively; how to use my art pins. this is a collection of ways to give idea/s (especially for those who have purchased and are yet to purchase or request a custom art pin ) on how to use my art pins---creatively. please do press this site to bring you to the previous counts and ways. thanks!)

Monday, September 17, 2012

we all need vacay! (many times in our lives ;D)

excitement-food trip-street foods-culture-museums-galleries-art talk-fotoshoots-posing galore-sea-beach-swim-off-beat-paths-and tracks-nature-rugged life-shop-ukay junks-buy-stare-we lab it-the artists way ;p-

the following fotos are personal out-put by yours truly ;D (a foto or two have been included however from the students' version (scenes i missed taking,of course credit is given to them) to make the visual story whole.
while i do not own (yet ;D) the coveted dslr thingee, my about $90.-ish dg cam olympus 8 mega-pixels and my ever back-up samsung galaxy y cam fone are the ones that took charge of capturing the 'moment'and'memories', technical wise. 
the participants and the students as well, have their own individual versions and will be up and presented here soon.

art tra by the way is ART TRAVEL included in the Fine Arts course curriculum offered at the AUP. It fosters eco-tourism, photography,adventure,nature tripping, collaboration,camaraderie,experience,and learning beyond classroom walls.

enjoy the pictures!