Sunday, October 28, 2012

to break patterns and the milk tea stringed baubbles

its good to break patterns ;D


Photo: another purple beauty collection handcrafted by ann galeon

not once did i regret having bought that milk tea baubble stringed resin beads. i got it from a store, 7-hour drive from where i live. it is not often that i see such pretty, that is why the moment i saw it i never hesitated buying it. i envisioned it'll be as good as this when trimmed in to my workings.

51. a girl's gotta do what she's got to do; pin down (a**)holes--lol-- ;D

 yes. all the holes and the a**holes in life. gotta do some pining on them, as bad as they get.

the tandem of teal and black is always gorgeous don't you think? ;D
for the previous counts on 1,001 ways to use (my art pins) creatively ;D--please do click this--thanks!

for carla

if i have got the time--i like doing what the bosses call --'doing the extra mile ;D.'--for the returning buyers ;D
hi! meet --carla she is a constant buyer of the art-ings i do. she loves to gift her friends with --wirsts cuffs ;D.
she popped in the other day and requested this

 an all-hand-made wrist cuff. 'decadence' one of the series i have created just recently.

  carla asked if i could wrap it for her...shes a doll, so its yes!
 i used thick red felt wool and sewn both sides.
wrapping first with soft tissue the hand-made wrist-cuff, and tied some satin trimmings on both sides to hold in place before sliding it in;
 'cut holes to slide in the lace and tie it to a pretty ribbon and so it secures the gift inside.

 'added some interesting trimmings yet, and a clean slate of pink tag so carla could write a note or two for her friend ;D

there's a pretty heart applique beneath the gift tag!
the p0uch is sturdy and is reusable ;D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

50. add life to your tops' wide and spacious collars and lapels

hoorraaayy! so far, i have reached the 
50th progressive counting of ways to use (my ;D) art pins.
making and concocting art through the various medium (oh well, that is to say textile as the main. loving the textiles yet) and elements resulting to a 3d usable, wearable--to which i call---art pins, also known as brooch, bar pins.
i am into these and selling them, therefore i;m trying to prove its usefulness and its necessity -lol--by proving that its a basic too, of man's needs. as in: food, clothing, shelter and art pins. yes, in that order ;D. 
and, the counting continues...
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

i[ve been reading a book by rachel ashwell

yes, the woman and her now shabby chic 'couture'. i have first encountered her works and preachings ;D in the early 90s, sans the net yet ;D i mean, thru lifestlye zine write-ups. her ideas and influence is a great contribution to the world of design.  i should say i am just one of the many, many of them across the world whom she has shed a light on---celebrating the beauty of imperfection/s, marred, falling a part, patinas, well-worn, used, dents and marks of time, florentines, history... 
home, and comfort...
 and you know the catch? the 'ideas' she ranted about, and visualized on, more than a decade ago--isn't just a simple quick learning of style,  sponging, and being influenced instantly, -i should say--go sit and immerse with her,and experience similarly at least--the path she tread...
a salute to rachel ashwell

Thursday, October 11, 2012

49. for reminiscing great times; a visual memorabilia

we all have great, wonderful, moments in our life that we want to remember, re-live, and freeze them in time, in any given--mayhap visual form. these are a few of them. 

i am re-living those wonderful sights and feelings i had when my dear sister brought me and my late mama to see the beauty of the grand canyon, staying  and wandering first around sedona. az, immersing on its beauty with the fiery autmnal leaves; feeling somewhat like-- being in the scene of 'a river runs through it'. i freeze those scenes, experience, moments, even the smell of the juniper trees around, in the corners of my heart and mind. the experience was highlighted by climbing the paved way towards the viewing area of the grandeur beauty of the canyon.


Grand canyon Tour
 (foto credit: here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


inspite of the heavy workloads i have this semester's last stretch (as if it wasn't in the many previous ones), creating pins (in between) sets a fire inside me to finish other tasks at the noble day job, and the custom ones ( i have to study well time management or these will all be craziness). i just hope that i will not have to choose between what to do full-time. the feeling's good here, and the other, --can make the economics goin'. i'm a juggler too.

here are the newly churned ones. enjoy! and oh, they are for sale ;D
i'm a message away

Monday, October 8, 2012

48. instant cover/patch for stains ;D

in a hurry to dress up for work and suddenly discovering stain on your clothes and there is just no time for another 'dress rehearsal'

cover it with my art pin! an art pin should always be handy...
(am i already making a point? ;D 'will still count ways anyways---til its proven that art pins are as necessary as food, clothing, shelter, and art pins. yes, in that order ;D)

Cup Of Coffee Illustration

to view previous counts (progressively) on 1001 ways... HERE

Thursday, October 4, 2012

47. as female-sponsor wedding corsage

i still believe in hand-basting properly my works. many times the beauty of the piece depends on the neat and proper basting at the beginning--like starting it right

the lasting corsage
 a custom work for the female wedding sponsor  

this is the 47th and counting on 1001 ways to artfully and sensibly use art pins

(for your custom requests, do message me on:
thanks ;D!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

on with the 'sellin' life...

i call this activity a 'deviation' from my 'daily grind of routines':
- wake up at5am
-prepare breakfast meal and lunch bags for the ones that  came from my womb
-prepare all my stuff, papers, class record, notes for the morning class
-take a bath and or a shower (taking a bath--includes shampooing and conditioning my no-maintenance long mane, that takes more than 20 minutes; while taking a shower means that i splash water,liquid bodee soap all over my fez, bodeee, sans the long mane and it'll only be 3-5 minutes--meaning doesn't eat much of my time as i soon sprint off to work)
- papers
-prepare dinner
-rant,wail, nag-- the woes to whoever is at home
-do the dishes, possibly include the hated--already 2 m0s. overdue laundry
-brush teeth
-sleep? what is that?

and so---here's that kind of  activity that happens every now and then, (and documented) ;D to add life in the staleness of this life's routines

 here's the poster we used. a supposedly teaser, flyer, leaflet around the campus before the University's College of Arts and Humanities Day. there was a final and official poster that came in-- but its not in my file--and so--i used this (here), instead ;D

and so, lets start off with these cookies and brownies that was such a hit. a fund-raising activity for the fine arts department
 meet ms. pen, art director for expat philippines zine, taking charge of the sales and taking the day off from 'publishing' and joining the fair. she is also a part-time lecturer in this university
 alyssa of ADHD on-line zine(r-in navy shirt, art student, sold her stuff and my neighbor during the event.she was the top seller of the day!and below are just the remains of her stuffs that sold out early on. 

and moi, showing off my 'early' hoards--from my booth neighbor alyssa. as in i have just arranged my stuff and no sales yet, off i went looking at others' 'what-have-theys':D
(get a good view of those goodies on the last photos just below)
and yes, moi ageyyn posing behind my area, with the 'artings' i offer ;D
here they are

my art pins did well--many thanks to those who purchased and ordered, and to those who are yet to experience these kinda pretties ;D--you are all welcome! i am counting progressively the ways to use them artfully and sensibly here, so that the use of each piece will be maiximized. art and economy 
 in times like these.

ms. shanda is busy while waiting for the peeps to peep in, and below are what she offers
she is also a part-time lecturer here by the way; a major in digital art, but is very much in touch with aesthetic expressions by way of her hand-sewn art

the european student buyers ;D

kc cadapan of thetomtoething, art student in her 'continuing' studies joined us with her artings. below are her works--the only fella' who is mightily armed with her logo and design on paper package she uses to put the buyer's purchases--and we're all drooling because we are unprepared in that particular detail ;(

misato of justdoodles(left) and angel (right) are boothmates; both art students with their art and stuffs below

merick is a work scholar art student here, with his hand-painted cards for all occassions. they are a work of art that is worth framing ;D. he sold well--yahoooooooo!

and meet this little miss shopper barely 6 y.0(kids these days are different!)
arrived in all pink-a-loo-ness, alone. armed with her shopping money inside that feeenk dora the explorer hand-bag she's sporting, she went about each booth, and all of us seller,trying to lull her with our goodies---as we suggest our stuffs ;D--but she wont be tempted--she kept looking until she personally picked what she wants--took her money from that dora purse and paid smiling (she has the decorum...) this is one of her choice--hehehe--thank you pretty little shopper for choosing this--what a fashion sense you have. you started early! and moi gave her the yellow plush toy ;D

and--taddaaaahhhh-- these are my looted hoards! from ms. alyssa to wit:
(l-r) hand-made journal, feeenkk purse/wristlet, shades pretty ;D

here is the feeenkk bangle type, wide wrist cuff steel watch from alyssa too; she told me its hers and she never was able to use it, a gift from a friend and that because it was never her type

the library folks staged a sale on their books that they wanted to get rid off, and here's what i bought from them;D:
i was thinking hard on that ancient, (far right) short of 3 years and it'll turn a hundred (100) y.0! that, i guess is the selling point...

and, weren't it for  
the inscribed anciently fonts ;D and the patina of colours (oooheeyyy!)
 i would pass it up

but can't...

whooohey... the link to the past, in person.
the day and the event was fruitful. thank you God.