Tuesday, May 21, 2013

perks of being in the noble day job ;)

yes, one of the perks being in the world of instructing/educating is that you get to have an access to these what i call 'treasures' in the univ. library ;D. i hover this area once in every while to check the shelves with what's new. there are always lots and lots of new reads; and i often lament on the mounds of books to read that our fleeting life in this world will never match the needed time to stay longer to forever--just so to read 'em all ;(.

oh the joys of reading! rightly guided for choices can unlock excitement in the world of learning and wisdom, ' can even humble you down because the more you discover many things from its written pages, the more you realize, you know not a thing, and the need to-- hover more and longer, and bothers you henceforth. 

one of the agendas i have, in the 'world to come' -- would be just to sit and discover yet.

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