Thursday, May 23, 2013


things happen ;( ;).  my wallet is sad; i;m happy tho'.
yesterday, i am supposed to buy an earphone for my handset, because i broke the old one.
you see, the 2a.m side jabs dead of the night when it is at its best--deathly quiet all around you ( if no one snores, yes..) often its impossible to last it, when there's nothing and no one's around you to cheer you up. i have no t.v--and i meant it  that way ;D, a radio, sound or music from your mobile is but of a big help, a cheerer a long the way to help you last the 2am doings.

no, i wasnt able to purchase the needed headset ;( because the store promptly closes--8 a.m, and i was enamored, sidetracked, and made the great detour mistake towards the supply shop--and there---i got lost. i got disoriented. i was  lame on my decision making, and i bought these instead.

i am now using my son's at the moment... and will post the outcome of the cause of the great detour yesterday, so00on.

pink and blue? why not? lovely marbled glass beads that i am so gaga with at the moment.

lime and marbled gray glass beads--happiness! ;D

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