Monday, July 29, 2013


feeling like a starter again ;D. this is the kind of work that i do back in the days when after leaving art school---you job hunt, and prove yourself on how viable are your design ideas in the job market. i have always wanted to work in an ad agency---i tried my luck once at j. walter thompson (manila) appyling for a junior artist--but i didnt make it--because the competition weighted so much on: how prolific you are in 'anatomy drawing' by way of storyboard--and that was in the late '80s. all  the applicants are guys my age--fresh art grads, there was one --yes girl--gay/tomboy--we were more or less7 applicants then who took the test---and boy--they were all--prolific--in human figure...sigh..i ran out of the building fast...

and --oh--there was another one, yeah i remember--because that is how i was so eager to be in the world of mainstream advertising; because it was my major in my undergrad 'advertising art' years.
i tried applying again--to a smaller advertising firm--that does i think mainly--ads for prints--as collaterals, posters, flyers, and so forth. i was called and scheduled for interview and exam. i knew i made it---but--to  disclose, for the record--after keeping this for a thousand years to self--i backed out--why? hahahaha---i can't stand the soooo0 handsome art director that i am going to closely work with--it was just a small firm--modestly staffed to a more or less 10 people. i dont know what has gotten into me! i never returned on the agreed day to start working with them--even though they tried calling loss? to this day, who knows?

         my first job ever ;D --- was with  a company that manufacture clothes wear and sold over department stores nationwide. i design the prints. and it went that way for years as i switch companies from one to another. i always landed working as an artist/designer on women's wear. and that time,i gave up on ad agencies.

to date, i am into these. again: somebody asks me to do textile art accessories for them,
i draw them first--esp if that somebody is so much into details; me gets the feedback and suggestions and preferences--show it again--and then--execute into a final output/form. in the world of 'art' they classify it as: applied art. 


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